Are e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking?

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It is the method to quit smoking that most resembles the experience of having a conventional cigarette between his lips. But it has its staunch defenders and its detractors.

To each his own … to electronic cigarettes his opinions. Are e-cigarettes help you quit smoking? For we find almost equal views between those who say yes and those who help ensure that does not help much. In any case, the balance seems to be more inclined to say yes to help people quit smoking because, of course, are not so toxic and just as addictive as the traditional cigarette.

Here we will provide some information on the studies that have been carried about, but in any case, you have to form your own opinion. And above all, in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist of confidence because they certainly can guide you in the most appropriate manner.

In the market we can find various options to quit as nicotine patches or gum but undoubtedly the only method of cigarette substitute that mimics perfectly the feel and pleasure of smoking is the electronic cigarette.

Tips to quit smoking e-cigarette

Buy two electronic cigarettes, because experts say that while one is charging, can use other, whereas if we were not two, is possible to come back to the traditional cigarette.

type of liquid

type of liquid

Regarding the type of liquid to be used, practitioners opt to use the first weeks flavored snuff flavors rather than perhaps we may crave more like the sweetest. Professionals say it is better than the first month (the most critical) experience with the e-cigarette should be as similar to conventional snuff. Then there will be time to choose the flavors that we feel hungry more.

Doses of nicotine that is to be used for smoking cessation usually come indicated in tables, so follow the signs that make us such tables to achieve our goal and become non-smoking.

From Piensa En Verde we suggest one of the best e-cigarette options currently on the market. This is the electronic cigarette Kit eroll Joyetech, which has a sleek, lightweight design. Moreover it is equipped with a carrying case charger so you can recharge your electronic cigarette even in your pocket. It also has an automatic system that prevents overheating and battery stops automatically.

Kit eroll Joyetech

Kit eroll Joyetech

And for those who want to start in the vaping, in Piensa En Verde we offer you Essenz Electronic Cigarette Platinum, with which you can get a powerful vaping and in which all components are high-end, the atomiser has a high capacity and superior battery.

Essenz Electronic Cigarette Platinum

Essenz Electronic Cigarette Platinum

Studies, research …

Schematic of an electronic cigarette.

Schematic of an electronic cigarette.

In May this year (2015) was held in Colorado (USA) International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in which some researchers exposed that electronic cigarettes produced alterations in lung cells that nullified the cough reflex. Indeed, this reflex cough respiratory system protects the entry of foreign materials. But in the same conference are studies showing that several products used in e-cigarettes, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, showed no toxic effect as claimed in other investigations. So, you see, studies and research for everyone … The controversy is served and is abundant.

Critics also claim that electronic cigarettes does not have to undergo such tight controls as those made ​​by conventional cigarette, and therefore can not know how much can be harmful to health.

Moreover, this year also published a study in the American Journal of Public Health in which it was said that created electronic cigarettes more addictive than conventional.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Electronic Cigarette acknowledges that the electronic cigarette is a product aimed exclusively at smokers and is not to quit, but an alternative to snuff directed exclusively to the adult smoker.

And finally, the World Health Organization advises against recommending the electronic cigarette as a method to quit smoking.

And you, what do you think about that?

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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