Is weed legal in Ohio?

Reading Time 4 minutes   Yes and no, it depends on the purpose that is given or who consumes it. Medical marijuana is legal in this state, but not recreational,so it can only legally use cannabis users who are registered with the state medical … Leer más

Green dragon recipe (liquor with cannabis infusion)

Reading Time 4 minutes   The green dragon tincture is a tincture made with alcohol and cannabis flowers with a high concentration of THC. This formula can be made with 1:1 CBD buds for example, for medicinal use; it is also possible to use … Leer más

Italian baked eggplant with a weed twist

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Properties of hemp seeds

Reading Time 3 minutes   Hemp seeds are considered a superfood, because they possess amino acids that we do not produce naturally, they are located in places that as the quinoa would guarantee the food security of humanity in places as inhospitable as some … Leer más

Learn how to make cannabis lollipops

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Potato latkes with cannabis: a quick and delicious recipe

Reading Time 4 minutes   This delicious potato pancake dish is a traditional Jewish meal, and is one of the specialties during the celebration of Hanukkah. If you are planning a gathering of friends or simply spending a good afternoon enjoying some delicious fried … Leer más

Bongs Guide

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How to avoid the most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana?

Reading Time 5 minutes   Making your own recipes with cannabis is not a challenging task. However, you must be very careful with the way you do the process. Marijuana groceries have become incredibly popular. This is because they do not involve health risks, … Leer más

Green mac and cheese recipe

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How to clean a vaporizer?

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Steak with chimichurri sauce recipe

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What is the best thing to cure a hangover?

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