THC Valencia Cannabic Association

Reading Time 8 minutes Today, I want to talk to you about the Cannabis Association THC Valencia, one of the smoking clubs with the longest history in the capital of Turia. This association of cannabis smokers has been with us for more than a … Leer más

The plague of black flies in marijuana

Reading Time 3 minutes     Substrate fly infestation in marijuana crops is not one of the worst, but it can lead to many problems. If the necessary measures are not taken harvest can be seriously diminished, so we thought about creating this article … Leer más

2020 Calendar for outdoor marijuana growing in Europe

Reading Time 17 minutes       ⭐ CALENDAR 2020 FOR OUTDOOR/NORTHERN EUROPEAN CROPS     Tired of this climate so cold and desiring to grow marijuana in your garden? Old Europe is multicultural, tolerant and open-minded, but its climate is cold and even … Leer más

The 2020 Marijuana Conventions

Reading Time 14 minutes   Welcome back to the PEV Blog! The marijuana conventions are one of those events that all cannabis lovers enjoy as real children, because you share your passion with many thousands of others, with whom you can share knowledge, experiences, … Leer más

The most famous Canadian seed banks

Reading Time 7 minutes     If we’re talking about the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Canada is at the forefront and that’s why their Canadian seed banks are among the most renowned worldwide. If what you’re looking for is to buy in … Leer más

The most famous Dutch seed banks

Reading Time 7 minutes     Cannabis lovers owe the Netherlands for having been the pioneers in the legal consumption of marijuana worldwide, which is not bad at all. Nowadays, there’s a lot of controversy due to misinformation on the subject and Dutch seed … Leer más

How to lower weed tolerance

Reading Time 7 minutes     Oscar had long noticed that smoking pot no longer caused the same effects. “I’m sure those bastards are giving me grass from the ground,” he said to himself while smoking his joint. What Oscar didn’t know is that … Leer más

How to extract THC and all its uses

Reading Time 8 minutes     THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)  is the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana or cannabis. Knowing how to extract and process THC safely are both a technique and an art, and today we’ll give you a brief summary of the different methods … Leer más

The Most Famous Spanish Seed Banks

Reading Time 7 minutes     The commercialization of cannabis seeds in Spain is relatively recent, which is why it’s very useful to know a little more about the most famous Spanish seed banks. Knowing where to find a variety and unique cannabis seeds … Leer más

History of the Skunk Variety

Reading Time 7 minutes       The history of Skunk marijuana is very interesting. Maybe it’s not one of those stories that changed the world like Apple’s in a garage… although if you think about it, it’s very possible that a Skunk plant … Leer más

Essential tips to start growing indoor cannabis

Reading Time 8 minutes       We are in the best season for indoor crops and I’m more than excited to share with you all my experiences, hoping you achieve the best results with your indoor crops yield and, in the process, avoid … Leer más