Wedding Cake, bridal weed for special occasions

Reading Time 6 minutes   There are certain cannabis genetics that will go down in history for their unique aroma, like Cheese, others for their extreme potency, like Amnesia, some for their specific medicinal properties like Cannatonic and a few for their intense taste … Leer más

New Growdiaries competition with new prizes

Reading Time 3 minutes     Welcome, growers! I have the pleasure to announce the most interesting contest in this 2020, the Spanish breeder PEV Seeds pulls the boat out and offers really interesting prizes for just writing a diary of any of its … Leer más

Gorilla Glue, the stickiest and most powerful cannabis plant

Reading Time 7 minutes   Gorilla Glue #4 is the elite cannabis clone that has spread fastest worldwide. Since it won first prize in the Michigan and Los Angeles cups in 2014, it has not stopped conquering indoor crops, and is now found on … Leer más

Gelato, today’s favourite cannabis

Reading Time 6 minutes   Gelato cannabis variety has replaced OG Kush as the favorite weed for rappers, actors and other influential smokers. The hype achieved by this genetics had only been reached by 2 or 3 cannabis plants in the whole history, so … Leer más

Blueberry, a cannabis artwork that continues to evolve

Reading Time 8 minutes   Daniel John Short (DJ Short) is one of the longest living cannabis breeders in history. He began his career in the 70’s on the west coast of the USA, more specifically in Oregon, where he gathered some of the … Leer más

How many cannabis plants can I legally keep at home in 2020?

Reading Time 6 minutes   This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is because this issue is not always clear in some countries. That’s why we decided to create this article, in which we will try to make as clear … Leer más

How to use Biobizz nutrient chart

Reading Time 12 minutes     What is the dosage of Bio Grow or Fish Mix? How to use Root Juice in autoflowering plants? Many customers want to know how to apply Biobizz’s watering schedule on their crops. Even though they look again and … Leer más

Breeding and improving cannabis varieties

Reading Time 9 minutes     Many times we hear or read terms related to cannabis varieties that we do not understand very well. F1, Landraces, Bx3 or IBL are concepts that sometimes are associated with the name of a certain strain, but do … Leer más

Limonene, all you need to know

Reading Time 3 minutes   Who hasn’t ever tried a cannabis variety with a citrus aroma and taste? I guess we’ve all tried it and that’s because those strains contain a compound called Limonene that causes that fragrance. But the use of this natural … Leer más

Jiffy in cannabis crops, all the information

Reading Time 4 minutes   One of the most popular products in Grow shops is jiffy, due to its low price, versatility and ease of use. But not everybody knows about the existence of these small objects, or many people do not know how … Leer más