Barbara Bud: therapeutic and resinous seeds

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Barbara Bud, therapeutic and very resinous seeds

Barbara Bud, therapeutic and very resinous seeds


Barbara Bud’s seeds will leave you speechless. Don’t you believe it? It is very simple: this variety has a high THC and CBD content and its buds are the most resinous you have ever seen. Impressive, isn’t it? With this plant you can make a first quality hashish, which not only gives unforgettable high, but also has therapeutic properties. A full-blown off-road weed..


▶​ Main features of the Barbara Bud


In our article about the best varieties of marijuana with high CBD we have already told you about a cousin of this plant, the Big Bud. Both are from the Afghani family: the protagonist today is a direct descendant of a Shiskaberry mixed with a GG1, the star of House of the Great Gardener.

One of the main uses of this variety is the manufacture of hashish, since the buds that gives this plant are full of trichomes. It really impresses to see her! If you want a trick to get as much resin as possible out of your crop, try freezing the grass before you pass it through the screen or sieve. I always do it and I get unbeatable results.


🚀 Growth of this genetics


This plant grows quickly and safely, with strong and stable structures, rather typical of an Indica plant, although the dominance of this variety is very well balanced. It is very easy to cultivate, as it adapts very easily to the conditions and is not very demanding; it does not need much care.


🔥 Flowering period


The flowering period is around seven weeks, so that you can enjoy a more than generous harvest a little before fifty days. Although it works very well both indoors and outdoors, it is very important that you take into account the differences between the two modes in order to make the most of this very productive plant:


– Indoor cultivation


In order for the plant to grow unimpeded, you may need to cut some leaves so that the light from your light bulbs can reach all the buds. Beyond that, you won’t have any problem making crops of between 250 and 400 grams per square meter you have grown in just the seven weeks it takes for flowering to take place once the seeds have germinated.


– Barbara Bud outdoors


On the other hand, outdoors you have to take into account that the branches get very heavy as they grow, so you may want to use some tutors so that you don’t have to regret the loss of any buds. However, do not grow plants that are too tall.

For every specimen you have planted of this variety you will get an average of 400 grams, so the harvest, better in early September, is going to be a success.



Barbara Bud


Barbara Bud, one of the most acclaimed and rewarded varieties of the House of the great Gardener cannabis bank. This strain is characterized for being very attractive and because of all its organoleptic properties. Taste it and you will not regret it!!

Barbara Bud, one of the most acclaimed and rewarded varieties of the House of the great Gardener cannabis bank. This strain is characterized for being very attractive and because of all its organoleptic properties. Taste it and you will not regret it!!

Type: Feminized
Effect: Stimulant and stable
Genetics: Afghan x Shishkaberry
Phenotype: Sativa / Indica
Flowering period: 7 weeks
THC: 11,75%
CBD: 0,12%

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Barbara Bud


✨ Aroma and taste


This variety takes the lead in terms of organoleptic properties. The grass, as it grows, has a very pleasant strong smell, with a touch between floral and fruity, with citrus and fresh notes.

As for the taste, the aroma will give you an idea, although in direct contact with the smoke you may be able to distinguish more clearly the sweet flavours of the mango, with a touch of strawberry gum to which you will become addicted. My personal recommendation is that you try to taste it with a vaporizer, taking advantage of the fact that the smoke is soft in the throat and smoking is allowed without any problem…


🧐 Effects and adverse reactions


The effects of this variety are mainly bodily. The high is extremely relaxing, ideal for getting rid of a headache or getting a deep rest. You’re going to get a very noticeable effect on your brain, something that many people take advantage of to swim in their mind without the classic stunning of other heavier varieties, that is, you’re on the perfect plan!

There are not too many adverse reactions beyond the classics of marijuana, such as dryness of the eyes or mouth. Some users of this variety report that it may produce some anxiety, but many others use it precisely to relieve the symptoms of this psychological condition.


➕ Therapeutic properties


As a variety with a high CBD content, we can say that this genetics has therapeutic properties. Some of them are also due to the presence of flavonoids and terpenes, which function as antioxidants and, when smoked, will help you eliminate toxins from your body.

On a psychological level, they will help you to reduce your anxiety thanks to the euphoria that you feel from the first puff. For physical therapeutic effects, you can rely on this herb to relax your muscles, whet your appetite and reduce all kinds of chronic pain.


⭐ Awards


After all we’ve told you, we hope this won’t surprise you… but our protagonist has been overwhelmingly successful in all kinds of competitions, not only in our country, but all over the world..

First prizes: Treating Yourself Expo 2014, Spannabis 2014 and Dab-a-Doo by Resin’s Club, in the categories of solvent-free varieties. Impressive, isn’t it? But its high production of resins has also won some awards, no more and no less than second place in the Expogrow of Irun 2015. The question is: what are you waiting for to make your own hashish with this wonder?


Characteristics of the Barbara Bud variety

Characteristics of the Barbara Bud variety



🎯 Conclusion


Barbara Bud is a variety that must be cultivated at least once in a lifetime. If you have already done so, don’t forget to tell us about your experience: spread the word! The great results of the harvests and the ease of cultivation of this emblematic House of the Great Gardener variety are only two of its great advantages, practically eclipsed by its magnificent effects. Let yourself go, heal your body and mind with the buzz you deserve, enjoying every sweet, soft puff that comes down your throat with exceptional genetics.

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