Common mistakes in the cultivation of marijuana (Part Two)

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Patience and learning from mistakes is the main conclusion that could be drawn from the first part of this article on the most common mistakes that people who are new to the world of cultivation of marijuana for personal use.

Nothing better to taste the fruit of your work after spending weeks slope cultivation, growing and harvesting your marijuana plant. When it’s own culture, it seems to know even better. And enjoy this quiet time, enjoying each puff and enjoying the aroma that follows them.cultivo_interior_con_ventilador

Yet to achieve this, recognizing that you had to learn a lot throughout the above process. Learning is acquired through error, too. And that has nothing wrong, on the contrary, be mistaken to understand, many times, how the development of a plant so they can apply what they learn in the next crop that we will perform.

Therefore, because of the mistakes we learn, we wanted to create a couple of articles in which it reflects, according to the steps in the order of growing a plant, the most common mistakes people make in each and the best way to avoid them, if it is true, that is, of course, general aspects because then all this may vary depending on the type of selected seeds, the place where they are grown or the season in which is performed.


And if in the previous post we talked about the importance of choosing easy grow seed, germinate without drowning in water and carefully choose the type of pots, soil and culture cabinet, in this second article we will discuss, among other issues, the importance of light control, irrigation and humidity, among others. We started!

Choice of light: the type of light is essential for the proper development of a plant, especially if we are talking about a culture in a closet interior, where the only light receiving our plants will be that we will provide.


In this sense, we must bear in mind that plants need light in each phase is not always the same and therefore we will select a kind of light or away from it to the plants, according to the time of growth plant. But not only that. We can not forget that light is a source of natural heat and, therefore, depending on its intensity, will also vary the temperature of our culture cabinet. That is why, at this stage, we also need us (if they have not already), with a thermometer .

Returning to the light, different types of lighting , depending on the power of the lamps you choose, plus additional products that can program the light exposure time. There are lamps or bulbs also allow adjusting the wattage to be output depending on the phase of plant development.

Of course, the more automated it all, the more expensive. At first, we consider it best to take a manual control, so that you yourself can see, at all times, what kind of light your plants need, while the temperature control.

Control of the air. Just like you, plants need also breathe and therefore, must have air in the cabinet located and, of course, air can be neither polluted nor addicted, so that, Here, it is important not to forget691_extractor-tubular-RVK-piensaenverde insercción system and air extraction, which is usually one of the failures of the people who start. The most common mistake is usually to employ simply a fan, to be as “home” and something that you can have in any home and therefore do not need investment. However, the fan all it does is expand the air. While this is necessary, it is bad that the air is harmful to expand our plant, so it is clear, we need the aforementioned system.

A system to be chosen based on the number of plants that we cultivate and the type of cabinet that we purchased. The choice, as always, is extensive and something for all tastes, needs and budgets.

Humidity control. We commented in the previous delivery marijuana seeds need to be in a moist environment to hatch, but that humidity is never in excess. That is an error inserted into a glass of water. Once they have hatched, the marijuana plants still need moisture. At first the extent of it will be very high, but as it progresses in its growth, it will decrease.

system of humidification

Moisture can be given considering the heat and water containing our plants, but will never be enough if we’re growing in a closet inside. Therefore, it is necessary that we have a system of humidification of our culture and, if necessary, a dehumidifying system. And, once again, to control the humidity of our cabinet, we’ll need a thermometer or driver that we this data, as calculated guesswork at first is really difficult and also never be as accurate as a controller.

dehumidifying system

The use of these systems is really important if we do not want to our plant ill and therefore more likely to get diseases or pests or that we have to sacrifice by not taking this into account.

Election of the irrigation system. The lack or excess of it, especially in the first phase of growth of our plant marijuana often leads2822_kit-riego-xl-piensaenverde to these errors. Mistakes, not knowing correct them, make our plant a much weaker or lower quality, besides affecting its growth and development be.

The most common usually overwatering the plant due to lack of ignorance, but in these cases, what we will get is that the plant can not absorb all the minerals and components that have included in the fertilizer and contributing to the development of our plant. Therefore, the irrigation systems help us control these situations. Faced with excess irrigation also you may need a few extra accessories you will find in this section .

The fertilizer. In this respect, the most common error is usually take in excess, both in quantity and in time. So you’d better start throwing fertilizer for our plants in a not too excessive and not all the times you water your plants. In the case of quantity, for example, you can take 1ml per liter of water and leave for two or three days. If we observe that past those days our plants still retain the green color that is expected of them, then you will be in the right measure, but instead began to see the tip of the leaves begins to squirm, it is that you go down dose. Put it down to half and try again. You yourself notice the amount and the time that your plants need fertilizer. Do not forget that fertilizer is in the pots in which plants grow, and therefore it is not necessary that you include fertilizer every time you water the plants.


Drying cannabis at the flowering stage. This is a common mistake, because we come from a phase in which we had to lower the dose of water and substrate used to begin a new stage in our plant needs more water. So starting growers, it is normal that the plants are dry. To prevent this happen to you, remember that arrival this stage must be increased watering if you want your plants to lose its color and wither, but not overdo it. As mentioned in paragraph fertilizer, it is best to keep trying gradually and see how the plant responds to what you give them.


We wish you a happy culture considering these mistakes and see you in the next post of the blog and in the meantime, in our online shop and in our social networks.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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