Draw of 20 marijuana seeds or a coupon of 50€ to spend on Pevgrow

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Draw of 20 marijuana seeds or a coupon of 50€
Draw of 20 marijuana seeds or a coupon of 50€


Would you like to win 20 seeds or a 50€ coupon to spend on Pevgrow?

It’s very simple, just access the page of this selection of pevgrow products:


Green Crack Humboldt Seeds
Super Lemon Haze Green House
Skunk 1 Sensi Seeds
Purple Bud White Label
Deimos Buddha Seeds
Green Poison Sweet Seeds
Cheese Auto Dinafem Seeds
Lemon Skunk DNA Genetics
Early Skunk Sensi Seeds
Ayahuasca Purple Barneys Farm
Peyote Cookies Barneys Farm
Peyote Critical Barneys Farm
LSD Barneys Farm Barneys Farm
Vanilla Kush Barneys Farm
Moby Dick Dinafem Seeds
Blue Hash Dinafem Seeds
Blue Kush Dinafem Seeds
Cheese CBD Dinafem Seeds
Cannalope Haze DNA Genetics


Leave us a comment about the product, of 40 words minimum, each comment is equivalent to 1 participation in the draw being able to make as many as you want.


You have time until the 31st of MAY 2019 at 23:59, the following week we will count the number of comments and proceed to conduct the draw in Easypromos.


IMPORTANT: A comment is not worth any comment, the comment must be about the product in question: contributions, tips, your experience with the product / seed, doubts…


Invalid comments

  • I want my seed
  • I want to participate
  • Any other text that has nothing to do with the product or that does not add value
  • You cannot repeat a comment already made or similar, the comment will be discarded

Unfortunately these comments will be deleted and will not be able to benefit from the seed gift.


Remember to share this promotion with family and friends on social networks, so they can benefit


Thank you in advance for spreading our draw on social networks and Happy self-cultivation and wish you the best smokes!


By participating in this promotion, I agree to provide my details as a new PEVGROW.com customer to send the seeds and I agree to receive future promotions, being able to request cancellation immediately at any time in this contact form or by letter to the address Calle Vereda Más de Tous 22C – 46185 Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia) – Spain. No spam, only PEVGROW.com promotions. Pevgrow will never transfer the data to third parties.


We have problems to make shipments to Chile and Argentina, if you want you can participate but we can not ensure that the seeds will arrive. Sorry.


Alan Martínez Benito
Alan Martínez Benito
CEO of Pev Grow, expert grower with more than 20 years of experience.
In constant struggle for the regulation of cannabis, mainly in the medicinal field.
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6 thoughts on “Draw of 20 marijuana seeds or a coupon of 50€ to spend on Pevgrow”
  1. Pev Grow is amazing! They have never failed and have always been 100% A++++ grade quality and I am always happy doing business with these guys and recommend them to everyone I know, orders have always been on time and I have never had any problems with these guys whatsoever. The customer service is excellent.

  2. Please sort out too many redirects unable to view content cheers

    • Me too !!!! Web access will happen randomly. If I stay logged on, access will be available over many days, but once I log out or shut my computer, trying to log back on can be a nightmare, taking hours / days. I have tried changing browsers, clearing cookies, cleaning up my computer and any other Google suggestions, without luck. Very, very frustrating ! Have been using this site for a long, long time, but during the last 2 months I am being driven crazy by “this page is not working, pevgrow.com redirected you too many times and error-too-many- redirects”. Then all of a sudden I will try, and be able to log on immediately, even though I have not changed any settings !! Strangely, I am able to log onto the Blog page/s without any problems, every time ! HELP!!!

  3. I was lucky enough to grow this strain as my first ever grow, many harvests later I have not found another more robust and easy to grow, plus the amazing roofless high, and those beautiful tricombes, by far the best strain I have had, that plus a very reputable to deal with makes the experience awesome( ❤️ From Australia)

  4. In prior years I have had excellant yields from the green crack Humbolt seeds. One of Snoop dogs favorites and very beautiful buds I would highly recommend to anyone trying to have an awesome garden. Keep on growing and buying pev seeds 🙂 Pevs the best company around 🙂

    • Thanks Thomas. Greetings from Spain

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