Marijuana, a business to get out of crisis?

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Marijuana, a business to get out of crisis?

Marijuana, a business to get out of crisis?

Let no one be alarmed or panic when you read this headline! Not at all I’m wanting to say that marijuana will save the serious world situation in which we find ourselves economically speaking, but I think it would be helpful if we think coolly, its benefits legalization would mean for the coffers of the states around the world and what I mean.

A few days ago I read a story about a pair of Catalan friends, looking for a way as thousands of people have had to make in recent years, they decide to take the suitcase and emigrate to countries where they were given a job opportunity. They chose destined for the United States, the country where it seems that any dream can be fulfilled and in which everyone has a chance if it proves to be valid. The great American dream! What was his surprise when, after a time, the work is found in some fields where marijuana is grown and where the income they receive for them are much higher than those who had never imagined.

It was this story that made me think about the falsity of the world in which we live, where marijuana, despite being considered an illegal substance in most countries of the world, is highly consumed, a fact that is no secret and also employs hundreds of people, not only in America but in other parts of the world where it is grown, especially Latin American countries, but also countries like Pakistan or India, where they grow some of the best varieties of sativa seeds in the world.

So if governments know of this consumption and, in fact, self-consumption is permitted in many countries and its use for therapeutic purposes, why not legalize it? Have governments stopped to think what it would mean for their coffers that people pay taxes legally able to consume?

I think it’s an idea that had hitherto not raised seriously, but taking into account the economic situation in which we are immersed, should be treated and, in fact, the debate is on the table in some European countries, as in the case of Spain, where new and emerging parties that have shown great support from the population in the last elections, advocate a controlled legalization of same.

A big step in the investigation of marijuana as a therapeutic product .

A big step in the investigation of marijuana as a therapeutic product .

To be real, this would not mean only a big step in the investigation of marijuana as a therapeutic product and help improve the health of many people, but would also mean a great economic investment for the government, given that the last known data on cannabis in Spain speak that 30% of the population does regularly. In Europe, for example, 19.3 million people aged 16 to 65 also consume it. According to an article published by the economic newspaper Cinco Dias, the legalization of marijuana could mean an annual investment of 1000 million euros between taxes and billing companies. Since this means, also they remember that legalization of this plant would also save on costs of police and legal operations. In addition, they speak clear example of the American state of Colorado, which has involved an investment of 74 million euros, between the recreational and medicinal use since leaving the black market marijuana.

Given these results and taking into account that there are recent examples of responsible use and consumption in other countries, why not more cases are in the world? You may see the light early this opinion column and is completely outdated … I hope!
By Noelia Jimenez, Team Piensa En Verde

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