Marijuana in Spain: history, law and heated debate

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Cannabis came to Spain, according to historians of the subject, with the invasion of the Muslims. Since then its consumption and laws in this matter have changed and today, the debate is guaranteed due to ideas that the new parties, as Ciudadanos and Podemos have put on the table.

It may seem curious that something is consumed from both centuries, remains today a taboo subject or banned in many countries, Spain is one of those places that indeed consumed and talk about marijuana, but not so as openly as a product is consumed it deserves.

Cannabis medicinal

Cannabis medicinal

And it agrees or not in use, the fact is that is a reality and, although the information and training about the head and moderate consumption of this product is essential, it is equally true that the laws should adapt to a reality that demands it, not only for its own consumption but also for therapeutic use, especially when there are numerous studies conducted throughout the world on the benefits of it in this field, especially for discuss issues related to cancer or eating disorders.

So, today we talk about the history of cannabis in our country, existing legislation and the debate that has put on the table the new parties that advocate legalization or normalization of self and moderate consumption of marijuana, of course always with its limits and ensuring the health of citizens, especially the young.

Marijuana in Spain

Although there is little information about so ‘prohibited’ that remains openly discuss marijuana or hashish in our country, if it is aware of evidence that the consumption of it came to Spain with the invasion of Muslims to the Peninsula. Closer to our time, historians explain that issue and Moorish troops of dictator Francisco Franco consumed these substances back in the 40s and in the 60s Madrid, known writings, musicians and show business people, also enjoyed its virtues.

Of course, not to mention the age of 80, with the Movida Madrileña or from the 90s, with the boom in foreign tourism to our country. A tourism consumption and demand for which is usually never miss.

The debate over legalizing cannabis is served

The debate over legalizing cannabis is served

And yet, what we are missing in Spain laws in line with this reality, the consumption of such substance for personal use, whether for therapeutic purposes or for simple enjoyment.

Marijuana legislation in Spain

One of the particularities of our country is that, in terms of marijuana, each of the autonomous regions can legislate at will the sanctions or permits the use of the same. However, there does exist a general regulation that says if you can grow marijuana for personal use, but never for profit. That is, the consumption of it, is not prohibited, but yes its sale. And yet, what we do that is allowed is selling marijuana seeds and, as mentioned, the cultivation of it for consumption. All this, as long as it is done in private, although it is normal to see people smoking marijuana on the street.

In the case of therapeutic use for marijuana, this could only be consumed by hospital prescription. In this regard, it is noteworthy that more and more research related to marijuana that take place in our country, just as a growing number of clubs that are created cannabis is higher.

The debate is served

Fortunately for all those who use marijuana, new parties are emerging as Podemos and Cuidadanos which have put on the table the legalization of marijuana, but not in any way, because what they propose is that it is controlled. We will see what happens from here on in this regard.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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