Marijuana peeling machines: what they are for and varieties

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After the harvest of marijuana, comes the second half of the work. The type of manicured and drying to do with the extracted product depends to a large extent, the quality of the final product. The peelers help us make it easier and more accurately this process.secado-cogollos

So far we have focused a lot on the cultivation of marijuana plants and the final results thereof, as well as different types of seeds on the market and which can find variety at our online store.

But today we talk about the intermediate process: that is, one that is between that collect the fruits of the sown plant, until the marijuana became the way to consume more we please.

An intermediate in which many people do not know quite what to do with the plant to get the result you want, especially if you want quality. And is that so far have said that the amount of the crop depends on the way in which we cultivate as well as the kind of seed we plant, quality will also depend on these factors, but especially the manicured or peeled, dried marijuana buds, which are what give us the final product to consume.

A process, the peeling, which can be done manually, using scissors, but also faster, easier and equally effective, with peeling machines. It is precisely the latter of which today we want to talk. We begin!


Why peel buds of marijuana

To stay with clean buds, the first thing we do is remove the leaves of marijuana. These are what give life to the plant. It is as if, in the case of humans, we were talking about the veins of a person and his respiratory system. This is the end of marijuana leaves also contain chlorophyll and with them many different products are also produced, both for internal consumption, but especially for natural cosmetics.

Once we remove the leaves, we are left with the buds, which are the ones that really have substance and the product you want smoking or inhaling ultimately eat for pleasure or for medical and therapeutic purposes. To clean, buds, as mentioned, can be used scissors and do it manually and take hours or even days or, conversely, use a peeler and do work comfortably and efficiently in a short time.


Types of peelers

There are two types of peeling: first, those who put the branch above the grid and on the other, those which, after removing all the branches to the ground, will leave only the buds and leaves, buds and leaving cleaning separate sheets in a tank so that you can then reuse, if so desired.

But let’s focus on you’ll find Piensa En Verde, Trimpo belonging to the brand and that you can find by clicking this link. All of them are effective, silent and very durable, so that the investment will be worthwhile. This does not mean they are expensive: there are in all price ranges and types because, as you know, we like to serve all our customers.


Among them, you will find manual and automatic. Some to put large amounts of buds and twigs and others for lesser amount. Your choice will depend on your budget and the objective you have in mind for her.

Of them we want to mention the following: Peeler Simpro which has the virtue of doing the work that would make 20 scissors, but all at once. It is ideal for peeling fresh flowers. You only have to put the leaves and buds and after 15 or 20 laps crank, the buds are ready.

We can not forget the automatic peeling of Cooltech brand, it has the same functions as the previous one and is handled the same way, but in this case, being automatic only have to plug a button to do the work of the handle in the previous case you had to do. The price between the two is not very different.


Two affordable and both manual format, such as automatic models. Meet the rest in Piensa En Verde.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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