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What is the difference between an indica or sativa plant? They are two different varieties of the same plant. You must choose which one would best suit your needs.



Indica and Sativa varieties are the species most cultivated cannabis. Both are similar but have some differences make them unique.

Marijuana indica, the Asian species of dense buds



Most indica varieties from southern Asia, especially in India, hence its name (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India …). The growth of this variety is more like a hedge.

This species is characterized by a dense, heavy and very smelly buds. In addition, these buds tend to grow with spaces between each cluster. This indica variety blooms much faster than the sativa, about 6-9 weeks. Flowers faster but nevertheless they do not grow in height as quickly.

And as regards the effect it has on our body, with a variety of this type, we will notice a more physical buzz in the sense of taste, touch and hearing will be more to the surface.

Indica variety has an amazing calming effect, even at very high doses, it may be the most soporific because plants have a high amount of CBD on THC. It’s perfect for taking in the evening after a hard day’s work because it eliminates stress and relieves mood. Ideal to rest, relax and sleep.

At Piensa En Verde we provide an indica variety so you can appreciate its excellent results. This is the pack of 8 seeds Indica Collection, with which you will enjoy a hundred percent indica.

Indica Collection

Indica Collection

Sativa, smiling and energy

If the Indica comes from Asia, the sativa is native to warm climates, Ecuador area of the planet, whether Ecuadorian Asian region (Cambodia and Thailand) or the area of Central America (Mexico, Colombia and Jamaica). In the same environment, a sativa

Pura sativa

Pura sativa

marijuana grows much more than an Indica phenotype, and grows up dramatically, hence its long thin leaves.

The buds of Sativa variety tend to grow more than the Indica but, nevertheless, once dry, weigh less than sativa. Also, the smell of sativa buds is less intense than the aroma of the buds that come from Indica variety.

With regard to flowering, sativa variety takes a little longer to flower that Indica species, between 9 and 12 weeks, but the wait will be worth it because the harvest will be excellent. In addition, Sativa grow more than indica. The cause of this phenomenon may be that in the equatorial zone (from which originated the sativa) there is little difference between the hours of light in summer and winter.

The consequence is that the sativas grow and bloom almost simultaneously. Regarding the effects of this kind, the buzz you feel more in brain, causing a cheerful, energetic and less numbing rush that produces the indica variety. A variety sativa is known excellent medicinal properties.

If you want to try a unique sativa we offer the Sativa Collection, a regular sativa seeds exclusively to enjoy this variety.

Sativa Collection

Sativa Collection

By the way, the flavors of both species tend to be very fruity, no excessive differences between the two flavor.

It is customary in the market find hybrids, ie seeds that result from the combination of both varieties, although in most cases, a variety predominate over the other. This is the case of the Sativa Mix you will find on our site Piensa En Verde, a range in which all cannabis seeds are cultivated from the same parents and will follow a model Sativa growth slightly different combinations of Indica and Sativa in its bud formation. Some plants will be faster, thicker and heavier, others will be true Haze throwbacks, bloom longer and balanced by a spectacular high.


By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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