Marijuana tampons, The ultimate to relieve menstrual cramps

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Marijuana tampons to relieve menstrual cramps

Marijuana tampons to relieve menstrual cramps

The insufferable pains for many women may be over, thanks to the sale of marijuana tampons manufactured by an American company. its market competitor? A chocolate from Switzerland. Which one do you get with? We got it clear!

One of the major benefits of marijuana is that it relieves pain. This is nothing new and in Piensa en Verde we have talked about it in several times. In fact, we have a specific section of therapeutic cannabis, CBD Shop, as you know if you have recently visited our new website and is divided into three subcategories: CBD oils and capsules, CBD foods and parapharmacy and cosmetics.

Headaches, muscle aches or those caused by different types of cancer are treated with marijuana, with good and proven results, although there are few countries where these benefits are officially recognized or scientific studies that recommends cannabis uses to specific pain with a correct dosage.

Many women suffers pain during menstruation and the effect that marijuana could have on it to alleviate those nasty discomforts has been little studied. However, it’s sure that if you ask those who consume cannabis on a regular basis and or are treating these pains with it will tell you that, effectively, the effects of the plant are very positive in them to get relax and relieve those symptoms . Something that is curious if we consider that, as early as 1928, a study was conducted in which it was concluded that marijuana contributed positively to reducing the horrible pains of childbirth.

But the closure to investigate this issue has already opened, since we have recently learned that an American company manufactures tampons to relieve menstrual pain.

Marijuana tampons to relieve menstrual cramps

Foria is the American company that manufactures and commercializes these tampons or, rather, suppositories (since they do not have the function of tampons) that have caused a true revolution, not only in the world of marijuana, but also in the scientist; Which is giving much to talk about social networks, but also in traditional media and, of course, is causing, as always that is published something new that has to do with marijuana and health, controversy, since, on one hand we have those women who say they have enough with the chemical tablets that the traditional pharmacy offers them, and refuse to test the effects that can have on their body a natural product and, on the other hand, we have those who prefer to get into their body these tampons or suppositories before to have to swallow pills made of different chemical synthetic substances.

Foria is the American company that manufactures and markets these suppositories.

Foria is the American company that manufactures and markets these suppositories.

The debate is in the air!

Anyway, and by the moment, this debate is rather palpable in the United States and, specifically, in the states of California and Colorado, where the company Foria has its establishments and where, by the way, the people that inhabit that state can also purchase the products legally, by Internet.

This laboratory, Foria, has been studying the powers of cannabis with the aim of creating aphrodisiacs therapeutics and curative products, as we can see reported by this lab describing these suppositories.

In this report, the company begins explaining that the product is completely natural and safe, something that they value exhaustively, and that the product is made of marijuana grown on their farm in northern California, with no pesticides.

In this same report they explain how these suppositories, once introduced into the woman’s vagina, help relax the internal muscles, relieving the pelvic pains that menstruation produces. The main ingredients which these tampons are composed of are: cocoa butter, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, that is, the two key compounds of marijuana.

Although the US government has not officially recognized the effectiveness of this product, the company itself says that, in fact, the therapeutic use of cannabis has been used throughout history to relieve menstrual pain as natural method. “Our intention is to extract the maximum amount of medicinal properties of this plant, using modern extraction techniques to standardize, purify and enhance an experience accessible to all women.

Every box of product sold by Foria has 4 suppositories, each one composed of 60 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. Its suppository format allows medicinal active principles of marijuana reach directly the area of ​​the woman’s body most need to be relieved during the pains of menstruation.

Menstruation, female sexual health and pleasure

One of the features to mention about the publication of the sale of these suppositories is that, a few weeks later, a Swiss chocolate company announced that it had started to obtain chocolate tablets with the medicial properties like suppositories of Foria.

Will this chocolate be the big competitor for marijuana tampons? Time will surely reveal the answer to this question. Meanwhile, and considering that we are talking about female sexual health, we cannot leave mention those products that, based on marijuana, can help or improve women’s sexual relations.

We talk about Pink Extreme, a natural pill-like aphrodisiac that enhances the pleasure and sexual performance of women. Its composition, based on natural plants, makes erogenous zones more sensitive and get more and better orgasms.

Pink Extreme, a natural pill-like aphrodisiac

Pink Extreme, a natural pill-like aphrodisiac

Do you dare to test this experience and tell us?
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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