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Mineral fertilizers for marijuana plants

Reading Time 3 minutes The proportion of minerals in our plantation will have a strong, healthy and abundant crop. All plants need for optimum growth dosage of chemicals found in fertilizers that can be inorganic or organic. In this case we are concerned of … Leer más

Remove red spider on our culture

Reading Time 3 minutes It is one of the most common pests in plantations of cannabis but we can address it in many ways. The red spider is tiny (measuring 0.5 mm). But it is as small as harmful. It is very difficult to … Leer más

The flavors of marijuana

Reading Time 3 minutes Fruity, spicy, wood, flowers … With use of cannabis we can get as many flavors as you please at all times. Each plant coming from marijuana seed has some unique characteristics of taste, smell and cannabinoids. The world of cannabis … Leer más

What bulbs to use for growing cannabis?

Reading Time 3 minutes There are different types of bulbs for growing cannabis, HM are better for the growth phase and HPS for the flowering stage. It is important to consider how much light will consume our plantation of cannabis, as a general rule … Leer más

How to build your greenhouse

Reading Time 3 minutes In a simple way you can grow in any season and get to protect your crop from cold temperatures and other weather. With a greenhouse we can grow without having to wait for the planting season. You can make these … Leer más

Organic fertilizers

Reading Time 3 minutes Your plantation will grow healthy and strong without chemicals. You can make your own fertilizer at home and so you can get already developed. If you are someone who has the time or like to make your own raw material, … Leer más

Marijuana also has its PH

Reading Time 3 minutes With values ​​of pH and EC suitable we get a high quality cannabis grow. It is very important to know the pH and EC of the water when watering and fertilize our cannabis cultivation. If we control it correctly, we … Leer más

Prevent mold on plants of cannabis

Reading Time 3 minutes Autumn is one of the most propitious times for the appearance of mold. We must avoid that our culture is not spoiled. How do I know that my culture has been affected by mold? You must pay attention to the … Leer más

Seed varieties more rewarded

Reading Time 5 minutes At Piensa En Verde we offer the customer different kinds of seeds, we believe, are quality, after taking into account various parameters for this analysis. In addition, there are some which are certified to have winning results in some of … Leer más

As it could not be otherwise, we decided to create this space to spread weekly relevant information about the plant that we are so passionate about. In this blog you will find guides to becoming a master grower, information on cannabis cultivars and products for growing, testimonials from people who use cannabis as medicine, recipes that will make you lick your fingers and enjoy cannabis in another way.

You will also find current articles that talk about the unstoppable legalization of marijuana in Spain, Europe and worldwide, in our marijuana blog you will know the current legal situation by countries.

If you are a beginner and want to know first-hand and without filters the best growing techniques you are lucky. Here, you will find tips and advices as well as a community ready to solve any doubt. Don't be afraid to ask or tell us about your experience, we will be happy to help you and learn from your contributions.

We've been growing marijuana for 20 years and we like to inform ourselves about the latest scientific advances, all this information in the form of simple advices we will share it with the community, as growing marijuana in indoor and outdoor spaces, when to grow marijuana in winter, how to save on the electric bill if you have an indoor crop, or advice you on how to get denser and more resinous buds... if you read the articles in our blog you won't make the same mistakes that we made before. you'll gain a lot of time and get to the point obtaining the best results.

Our video section about marijuana is the jewel of the crown... Our partner Javi gives us a funny and didactic vision of how to grow cannabis and not die trying. It's endearing to watch his videos about marijuana, it will become your daily habit very soon.

PS: If you're growing or smoking marijuana for the first time, take a look first and draw your own conclusions. All the information we publish is faithfully verified.