Prevent mold on plants of cannabis

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Mold cycle

Autumn is one of the most propitious times for the appearance of mold. We must avoid that our culture is not spoiled.

How do I know that my culture has been affected by mold? You must pay attention to the change in color or shape of the plant. If the leaves dry quickly if the color turns brown stem, or if the bud turns gray, dried and in its interior is covered with a whitish scum, can be almost certain that mold (Botrytis) affected to the plant.

Humidity is one of the most favorable factors for the appearance of mold. Autumn has just begun and is one of the times more conducive to the spread of this harmful substance.

We must also take into account, in addition to the time of year where we are, also mildew occurs mainly in the final period of flowering or drying cannabis.

How to act?

There are several things we can take to try to save our culture if it has already been affected by mold. First you have to cut all the parts that are infected. The court must be generous, that is, we must realize not flush cutting contagion but some plant that is still not sick, that way we ensure that the infection has not spread. The part that is cut it is thrown, should not be consumed because it may affect health. Then you have to ventilate the entire crop of marijuana and ensure, as far as possible, that moisture will not reappear. Also, after harvest must disinfect the place of culture and utensils that we used to it, so we made ​​sure that mold disappears.

Botrytis or mold

In the market there are products that help prevent the occurrence of mold. At Piensa En Verde we will find Botryprot (EM), an fungicide containing nutrients that help growth and at the same time has a direct effect on the fungus and prevent its development. Botryprot helps fight with rotten plant parts and leads again defenses to regenerate. In addition, this product is not toxic, it is completely biodegradable and does not affect flowers and resins.

Help growth and has a direct effect on the fungus

Another product that helps to reduce the moisture is Botry Killer a biological miticide high content of silicon and potassium, two of the essential elements for healthy plant development. This product creates a protective film on the leaves and trunk, reducing its moisture, which makes fungi may not proliferate.

High content of silicon and potassium

You can also find on our website the Copper fungicide Greendel for fungus, algae and bacteria. It is manufactured by the renowned Spanish company Greendel. This biological product is preventive and curative action.

Preventive and curative action
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Buy Amnesia Lemon Auto Pev Seeds

Other Recommendations

Useful in removing moisture in the atmosphere

Another option to prevent mold is to purchase a dehumidifier because such devices are very useful in removing moisture in the atmosphere. In Piensa En Verde you’ll find the dehumidifier that best suits your needs. Here’s an example, Dehumidifier 12 liters of the highest quality, able to remove up to 12 liters of water a day. This dehumidifier has a reservoir to store water for more than 2 liters, and includes a rubber tube to connect the device to a drain and use it without interruption.

Another thing you can do to try to avoid the appearance of mold is to increase the space between plants so that air can circulate easily and humidity will not remain stagnant.

It is also important hygiene; we must regularly clean the crop and let nothing can break it (pieces of branches, leaves …). Likewise, do not touch the buds.

The plants must be healthy, in perfect condition because if not, the likelihood of which can harbor mold or other fungi is very high.

And finally, it is best to water in the morning because if we do afternoon is easier to increase more moisture overnight.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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