Reflectors cooled: Discover its benefits in indoor marijuana growing

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Much of the quality of our culture has much to do with lighting plants receive. Lighting we can control much easier in cabinets indoor than outdoor, which depends on weather, which is not always in our favor. In this regard, cooled reflectors play an important role.Try them and be amazed!

1354620827We have said on more than one occasion and never tire of repeating: the light is the most important part when it comes to cultivating any product, but so much if we are talking about marijuana.

If our culture is outside, will depend much of weather and seasons, however, if we want to grow indoors, in our hands is 541_control-temperatura-cultivo-interiorthat light (which also influences the temperature and humidity of the crop) be optimal depending on number of plants, the moment of growth thereof and measures of the cabinet or interior space in which they are to be grown. That’s why we always recommend that most investment is made in this regard, since it depends on the result of our plantation.

Inside the lighting kit is needed in indoor culture today we stop on the reflectors and more specifically in the reflectors refrigerated, for the importance of employment in our culture. Never forget that the better the light, the better the crop.

Cooled reflectors: Features

Before moving on to talk specifically about the reflectors refrigerated we would like to make clear the importance of employment in general, of the reflectors, and thanks to them is optimized the production considerably, and its function is to reflect upward light leaving the bulbs, so that it falls directly on plants, but without making much heat, thus optimizing the productivity of such light.Reflectores-HD

There are three types of reflectors: opened, closed and where today we focus them, cooled reflectors whose benefit is that it helps reduce the temperature of your closet. By cooling the lamp and extract maximum heat out of culture, greater luxometría is achieved, being able to bring the lamp nearer the plants and win in lumens.

While this type of reflectors hit the market later than the other two aforementioned types, today we can find a number of variants within them. In fact, are manufactured in various sizes, diameters mouth and power, so that they can adapt to the most common measures of grow boxes. Over time, in addition to reflectors available horizontal bulbs, have also appeared, those available with vertical bulb to cover more acreage and increase the performance.

Recommendations Piensa en Verdelogo-piensaenverde

Among the wide variety of refrigerated reflectors, from Piensa en Verde we would speak of two types in particular:

Sputnik cooled reflector: they work perfectly and whose advantage is that it allows controlling the emission of heat, which is usually one of the biggest problems arise when it comes to lighting in a closet culture. This type of reflector covers a wider range culture than other (minimum two square meters).



It is ideal for growing areas where temperatures are very high. In addition, its rectangular shape gives greater luminous efficiency with easy connection between multiple luminaires, due to its lateral access for ducting.

Growzilla cooled reflector: This product manufactured in the United States is the ultimate in power growth and has been designed to incorporate two lamps.



With a weight of 9 kg and belonging to the prestigious Hydrofarm, is of great quality, has some excellent finishes and it is noteworthy that does not require any tools for assembly and177_lamparas-lamps-lampes can also be combined perfectly with halide and pressure sodium simultaneously.

Thanks to it you will avoid the heat expands by the cabinet or grow room and also can reach 290000 lumens combination with good sized extractor.

By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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