Vaporize marijuana and discover all its benefits

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Scientific studies have shown that it is more healthy to inhale marijuana than smoking, firstly, to have more health benefits and, secondly, because the effects are as good as if you did by smoking.

When people think of marijuana, the first thing that comes to mind is the act of smoking or, at most, consuming it in food. But few people think of it that are vaporizing.

The truth is that vape or inhale marijuana is nothing new, but it is a method that few people use, in many cases, due to ignorance. However, what may not know is that this is the healthiest way to consume and for that, you just need a vaporizer. More money? No need to. In Piensa En Verde, as happens in all our products, we have vaporizers for all budgets and tastes. But you also want health. Why? All this and more we will speak today in this article. We begin!

Vaporize or vape marijuana

544_logo-cigarrillos-electronicosIf you’ve never done or have not been doing so, these terms may sound like the electronic cigarettes. And yes, that is a form to consume marijuana, but not as toxic as the snuff. However, it is the latest in what refers to vaporize marijuana since before these cigarettes, vaporizers exist. Items that you can find in Piensa En Verde clicking here.579_vaporizadores-sobremesa

But, why is it better to consume vaporized marijuana than smoked? The explanation is summarized in the following: the vaporizer eliminates any trace of chemical burden that can be associated to the ignition of marijuana, something that does that occurs 894176f65d6b398d7f280ce397c4c870_XLwhen we smoke it. So be exposed repetitively this form of marijuana can endanger our health and, in fact, studies show that in the long term, would get a cancer arising precisely from these chemical particles that follows when we turn on marijuana, although it is the most natural form of marijuana detach all its aromas and flavor and is consumed later.

Some chemical agents also disappear when we consume marijuana in any recipe that we have prepared with it or drink infusion. However, the effect is not the same as if it vaporizes. When you do the latter, the effect achieved is the same as if you did smoke, but much less harmful way.

Hence they are many experts in medicine or use of marijuana for medical purposes, to recommend the use of it in this way.

Items to consume the vaporized marijuana578_vaporizadores-portatiles

If you’re planning on trying marijuana in this way, in Piensa En Verde we have portable vaporizers to take down the street and use them wherever and whenever you want or desktop vaporizers. Larger and occupying more room, but the effect is also greater. Similarly, we have spare parts for both types of vaporizers.

In the case of the former, the easiest to use and the best you can get started in this world of vaping is the Kanavape Vaporiser, the first electronic cigarette hemp. This vaporizer uses E-liquid essential oil rich in CBD (5%), extracted by CO2. It does not contain THC or any psychotropic substance. Its cartridge lasts around 200 puffs and has a charger included. Moreover, it is the most discreet way to consume marijuana healthier, especially in those who used it for medical or therapeutic purposes.


As for desktop vaporizers, for starters, we recommend the Tiger Blow, with a more than affordable price and great performance. With it you can control the temperature of vaporization at all times, thanks to its digital thermometer. In addition and for convenience, you can inhale the steam thanks to its aseptic plastic tube glass tip.

Tiger Blow

Tiger Blow

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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