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Tools and Accessories 

In this section you can find all the tools and accessories for your cultivation of marijuana plants. Here you can find all the tools you need to perform a proper maintenance of your crop, as well as increase its productivity.

You can find for example, the Tutor Medusa Protect, a cultivation tool very easy to use to perform transplants with maximum guarantees, leaving behind the thread strangler stems. This tutor has been patented and works very effectively, with a tripod shape, with its legs nailed to the ground that ensures a firm and rigid tutoring.

One of our favourites is the Green Eye Pinganillo. It is a lighting system, indicated for the night cycle of your plants, and is that you can not enter the crop in any way when the plants are in the night cycle, which is why we created the Green Eye Pinganillo, because the plants do not react to this spectrum of color. It is placed in a very simple way, both in the left and right ear.

If you opt for a SCROG crop, you have the SCROG elastic mesh, which simply consists of stretching the mesh as much as possible, and the frames that are created are used to pass the lateral and central branches, thus achieving that they are all at the same height and can enjoy the same intensity of illumination.

So that the insects don't spoil your crop, you have the mesh anti trips and Insects, with which you will avoid that these small ones, suppose a serious problem for the integrity of your crop. If you cover with the mesh anti trips and insects, during all the cycle of culture, you will avoid the use of insecticides.

If you are a lover of self-sufficiency, we have the perfect tool for you, the bacteria farm, where you can make your own T-Compost. The T-Compost is a 100% organic fertilizer that makes the plants grow healthier and stronger and therefore your harvests will be more voluminous and of much better quality. Also your varieties will be much more resistant to pests and diseases.

When we grow indoors, one of the main objectives is to go unnoticed and therefore if you install in your growing room reflective plastic and thermal insulation will be safe from gossip. It repels heat and also provides discretion to the crop so that it can not be seen from outside, through infrared cameras.

You can also find T-shaped connectors for extending your irrigation system, the Easy Glider reflector hanger, brackets for adjustable filters, butyl plastic for lining pots and waterproofing them and a long etc. of instruments that will help you to ensure that your crop is always in full shape.

In PevGrow our main objective is your satisfaction and that is why we put at your disposal all the weapons and knowledge, so that you can carry out all the tasks that your crop requires. Do not skimp on care, because any reward will be worthwhile.