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Books of marijuana 

In this section you will be able to find the best selection of books on marijuana of the market. Personally I have read them all, and I'm going to allow myself the luxury of making you a small recommendation.

The Great Book of Cannabis, by Elisabeth Riera was the first book on cannabic literature that I read, and in it you will be able to find everything related to medicinal cannabis, its consumption and its effects.  In this great book, which of course marked my adolescence, when I was eager to live new experiences, you can find all the history relating to the plant Cannabis Sativa, known by all as marijuana, and the thousands of uses that have been made for more than 3000 years.

When I was in high school and they began in class to teach us the so hidden benefits of the myth of Plato's cave, I dedicated myself to reading the book Cannabis Philosophy for All, Philosophy was not? Here I learned that if nature gives you something as wonderful as cannabis, why not enjoy it? I passed the platon philosophy exam, but I got a master's degree in Cannabis Philosophy that has allowed me to dedicate myself to what I love the most.

If you are a rookie and want to enter the world of Indoor cannabis cultivation, no doubt before you put you should read and be soaked by the information contained in "The Mini Indoor Cultivation Book", where you can discover the decalogue of indoor cannabis gardening.

No doubt you can not stop reading "Horticultura del Cannabis" by J.Cervantes, considered as the bible of Cannabis, which includes thousands of photographs that illustrate every detail of this book. Discover, among many other things, how to maximize your crop.

At PevGrow, you can find these books and many more, which will help you understand much better what marijuana is, how it is cultivated, tips to get the most out of it, and for the most curious about the subject, we have even cannabis philosophy.