Concentrated Potassium Soap


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Organic Fungicides and Pesticides



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General pesticide

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General Fungicide
Reduced price! Concentrated Potassium Soap


We are pleased to introduce you the Organik House Concentrated Potassium Soap, an insecticide of plant origin that is used to prevent and treat pests as well as to clean the plants in a foliar way and to disinfect the growing spaces.

This stimulant helps marijuana plants grow healthier and healthier as well as favors the absorption of nutrients thanks to its nitrogen content.

How to use Potassium Soap?

- Dissolve 5 ml per liter of water and wet the whole plant well with the solution, it's best to do it when the afternoon falls since the sun doesn't benefit its application. Apply behind the leaves to attack directly the eggs and larvae, this is where insects normally operate.
- Let the solution dry well, if you grow indoor it is better to turn off all ventilation. If the pest continues you will have to repeat the process after one week. Potassium soap is a preventative that can not be lacking in the pantry of a good marijuana grower.

And you know as always at the best price in the Grow Shop PEV.

Data Sheet

Type of compositionOrganic
Type of plagueGeneral pesticide
Type of fungusGeneral Fungicide

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