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Idai Nature 

Idai Nature is the most prestigious brand in the market in the creation of products for cultivation, with 100% natural and vegetable origins. Its professional team is incessantly committed to R&D in all its products, since its main premise above all is innovation in each of its creations.

Idai Nature, on the other hand, has a laboratory made up of enormous professionals, who devote all their time and effort to creating the best products, 100% natural and far from any chemical substance or pesticide, in order to guarantee a safe and quality product.

Idai Nature's recognition has reached such a point of stardom that it has the backing of international personalities and even the people in charge of this prestigious brand have had the opportunity to spread their marvellous creations all over the world.

As if that weren't enough, their catalogue is made up of a wide range of products for plant nutrition from 100% organic fertilizers, the best organic fertilizers on the market and many more products that you will be able to consult in their more than elaborated Idai Nature catalogue.

You can enjoy Idai Nature products aimed at stimulating their crops, such as Idai Brotaverd, a totally natural biostimulant with enviable components used even in crops with stress situations for plants obtaining very good results.

You also have available the range Idai Nature Vegex totally ecological, in which you have bioinsecticides recommended to fight plagues like Vegex Oricitric, Vegex Amite, Vegex Repelmax, Vegex Kuneka Plus and many more.


Idai Nature products recommended:

We would like to recommend some of their star products, such as their insecticide-tested Idai Nature, among which stand out, Idai Booster, Fertikal, Idai Acid, and many more that you will check by visiting their Idai Nature catalogue, in your trusted growshop, PevGrow.

Idai Nature is your brand! Check first hand their prestigious products and the result you get in your crop, enjoy them now!