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Dear cannagrowers... welcome to PEV Grow!

At PEV Grow, we are pleased to introduce you to one of the original seed banks in the production of autoflowering marijuana seeds, Grass-o-Matic.

From the hand of Roberto, an Italian gentleman who loves cannabis, comes this seed bank whose production focuses almost exclusively on Spain, specifically in Valencia, currently one of the cradles of cannabis at Europe.

Although it is a seed bank that from the point of view of cannabis production and quality has been able to reach the highest level, perhaps it has not done it yet due to a not-so-good corporate trajectory, and a weak relationship between its partners, leaving Roberto as the flagship of the bank, with a career in marketing very comparable to a roller coaster. In any case, their varieties are marketed through the best distributors in the world, including us, your friends from PEV Grow.

Among their first autoflowering feminized genetics, we can highlight authentic auto celebrities such as Maxi Gom and Auto Ak, well known by the breeders who work for the big banks, since they have served as a genetic model for the development of later varieties.

Other varieties worth to mention correspond to the Maxi Haze genetics, an autoflowering hybrid of Super Silver Haze from Mr.Nice proceeding; Auto Mass, a very critical auto hybrid, Sugar Gom, a very sweet Brazilian sativa with Auto AK cross and Med Gom, the latest Grass-o-Matic join project with CBD Crew, in which autoflowering hybrids with high medicinal value are developed, presenting stable THC:CBD ratios of 1:1.

As you can imagine, Roberto chooses gene banks very well to reproduce his mother plants.

At PEV Grow, we know Roberto's career very well and we know he is an excellent breeder and producer of cannabis seeds ...

Are you going to miss the sensational bouquet of Grass-o-matic?