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Flying Dutchmen Seeds 

Dear cannagrowers!

PEV Grow introduces you the complete catalogue of The Flying Dutchmen Seeds...

How? don't know this marijuana seed bank?????

Well, let's make sure you know Sensi Seeds!... we are sure that you know this one, right?

Sensi Seeds created this seed bank because Ben Dronkers believed in giving a different concept to an experimental range of marijuana seeds in the form of a private reserve, which is reflected in their prices, as they are not currently the cheapest seeds on the market, although their quality deserves it.

From now, with the evolution of the seed market, The flying dutchmen has been modifying the price of some of its strains especially for those produced in high scale processes such as The pure seeds and Early durban seeds, although they are regular seeds, all of them are interesting because they show a pure landrace genotype.

Do not forget that a Durban genetic (known as Durban poison) is a world reference in research due to its natural production of the cannabinoid THCV, one of the architects of clinical trials dedicated to the control of diabetes and glucose balance in blood.

In general, The flying Dutchmen are marijuana seeds that Sensi Seeds produces on a small scale, or simply presents them as an experimental range, but also as commercial private reserve, as well as may occur with Mr. Nice genetics, special high quality private reserves for sybarite palates.

This means that The flying dutchmen launches excellent premium marijuana seeds on the market under another concept, affecting the price due to the added value in its exclusivity and in its research to develop all these genetics.

In its catalogue we find strains that we have sometimes found sold out, precisely because this seed bank is defined by Sensi as a seed bank of limited editions or as a research bank, for the majority of its genetics.

Feminized cannabis strains such as The flying dutchmen Skunk#1 (this is exactly the same one that Sensi Seeds has in its catalogue and which it places in The flying dutchmen as surplus production), The flying dutchmen Flying Dragon,  The flying dutchmen Edelweiss, The flying dutchmen Dame Blanche, The flying dutchmen Power Skunk, The flying dutchmen Blueberry Skunk, The flying dutchmen White Widow, The flying dutchmen Temple Haze, The flying dutchmen Nepal Kush, The flying dutchmen Voyager, The flying dutchmen Amsterdam Mist, all of them are mostly indica/sativa hybridizations, made using the technical reversion process to obtain feminized seeds

Totally legendary and different cultivars we can find as regular marijuana seed formats. This is its most authentic and original private reserve. In it we can find real terpenetic and psychoactive monsters like The flying dutchmen Thai Tanic Seeds, The flying dutchmen Kerala Krush Seeds, The flying dutchmen Afghanica Seeds, The flying dutchmen Fuma con Dios Seeds, The flying dutchmen Haze Mist Seeds... etc.... etc.

The best for the flying's supporters at PEV Grow! Where your gift is guaranteed in each pruchase!

Take seed pack of Sensi Seeds and another one of The flying duthmen, then tell us about your experiences with both...

They are produced by the same breeders!!

Are you going to miss its sybarite essence?