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Dear cannalovers...

PEV Grow welcomes you and presents one of the Spanish seed banks with the best track record in recent years, Cannabiogen or CBG Seeds.

Although the origin of its brand has been associated with its well known Delta-nine fertilizer in 2004, its experiments based on the cultivation of the cannabis plant were not far behind, starting to devise their own marijuana strains.

Their developments are not casual, as they come from more than twenty years of journeys collecting the most exotic genetics around the world, including such interesting places as the mountains of Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, as well as places of their Asian tour in Pakistan, India and Thailand.

In the same meticulous and diligent manner in which they carried out the development of their seeds, they also took advantage of it in the development of their fertilizer of great success Delta-nine, a brilliant fertilizer with which we have increased the size of our buds, and we have improved the psychoactivity and organoleptic properties of the resin of our plants.

It is therefore suitable to suppose that the genetics of its varieties boasts an almost surgical precision, offering its customers cannabis strains of a sublime quality and freshness, on the one hand, preserving the best features that the landraces already present in an ancestral way but also obtaining novel hybrids using certain Dutch genetics, to give rise to wonderful psychoactivities, and a sensational bouquet of aromas and flavors.

If they are accurate in their fertilizers and genetics, they are no less so in their way of growing and fertilizing, i. e. in the use of their products, always stressing that cannabiogen customers must take very good care of the pH of biological substrates, indicating 6.2 as the ideal one.

They also promote their genetics for hydro crops, always advising an optimal pH of 5.8 and an EC between 1.2 and 1.8 Ms/cm, a relative humidity for indoor crops between 50 and 60% (in flowering stage) and a constant temperature between 22 to 26ºC.

All this so that their strains provide you their maximum cannabinoid expression.

Cannabiogen produces cannabis seeds, with the aim of preserving its Cannabic genotheca in a more traditional way, maintaining the homogeneity of all its creations and the originality of the reserve of its landraces.

Among its creations, many of them very famous, we may find Cannabiogen Destroyer, Cannabiogen Sandstrom, Cannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush, Cannabiogen Caribe, or its spectacular Cannabiogen Peyote Purple, a unique genetic which comes from an American clone, mainly Indica but with a slightly stimulating and cerebral effect, its fast flowering feature leaves it ready to harvest in 9 weeks. Its incensed aroma with earthy notes is unmistakable, producing an elevated concentration of trichomes that makes it unbeatable for medicinal preparations with Rosin Hash or BHO extractions.

Are you going to miss the ultimate quality seeds offered by Cannabiogen products?

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