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The British seed bank Seedsman, offers a wide variety of any type of seed of the most exclusive banks in the world, but in the last decade has begun to produce its own variety of autoflowering and feminized seeds characterized by a high quality and the guarantee of good work, which have given all its products since its creation in 2003.

In 2007, they launched the range of feminized cannabis seeds, which was made from strains created by growers with whom they partnered to maintain the highest possible quality, always keeping the number of strains small to maintain purity and high quality.

In 2011, they introduced their autoflowering strains, always offering a very high quality and at a very competitive price. Its most characteristic strains stand out:

Auto Mini Gun: Based on the AK-47, of enormous power and great resin production.

Auto Moscow: Descendant of the White Russian but with more Indian influence.

Auto Kush: Obtained from Hindu Kush and Master Kush Indicas, its effect will leave you very "stoned" or relaxed.

Auto Great White: Descendant of the Great White Shark, with very high performance and a very extensive brain effect.

Auto Lemon: Based on Skunk #1. They are very resinous small plants with a good taste of lemon.

Auto Blue: Descending from the Blueberry, its power combined with its delicious fruit flavor will enchant you.

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