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Worldpharma Seeds: Feminized seeds with high CBD

PEV Grow is pleased to introduce you to one of the most promising medical marijuana seed banks on the cannabis scene. With the help of John G. White, a PEV Grow collaborator and ex-partner founder of Delicious Seeds and World of Seeds seed banks, and of Organik fertilizers, we bring you all his experience and knowledge in the form of feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds with high CBD content.

Worldpharma Seeds was created with the aim of satisfying the demand for cannabis derivative products for all those medicinal users who wish to have their own self-cultivation, and to develop their own extractions, whether in the form of BHO, tinctures, ethanol extracts, Rosin Hash, and also to have fun with the best recipes of cannabic cuisine in the form of Brownie of marijuana, Marijuana cookies, etc.... and thus be able to enjoy different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes with the highest medicinal quality for multiple selected and differentiated applications.

Catalogue of feminized varieties from Worldpharma Seeds:

Its catalogue is made up of 22 CBD rich genetics, all them have been developed from successive crosses, until stabilizing the THC: CBD ratios that correspond to each cultivar, always starting from industrial dioic hemp chemotypes that provide the building part of CBD, CBG and cariophilene as the main terpene, this corresponds to 50% of the chemical base of each genetic. The second part of the genetics of each chemovar is provided by ancestral THC rich chemotypes, all from the European "old school", which John G. White used to preserve its original denomination.

Chemotypes such as White Widow CBD, Jack Herer CBD, Black Domina CBD, Afghan Kush CBD, Big Bud CBD, Hash Plant CBD, Critical mass CBD, Northern Lights CBD, Skunk 1 CBD and Pure Power Plant CBD, along with their autoflowering variants, make this laboratory, an endless genetic bank for medicinal purposes, worthy of knowing and testing.

In John's lab, as you will soon be able to see in his publications, you will have the opportunity to learn the most efficient forms of growing, his methods of extraction and purification, as well as how to apply and dose your medicinal cannabis for each of the specific ailments you wish to treat, all based on the latest advances that the current scientific knowledge of cannabis discovers us day by day.

The genetics of Worldpharma Seeds, and therefore their THC:CBD ratios, will be certified with their control analytics, by means of analytical liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography, which will show you the chemical profile of the chemovar, i. e. its fingerprint, as well as its variability due to its growing methods. All this it's obtained from the scientific perspective that John, as an organic chemist, and Worldpharma Seeds as a bank of medicinal seeds, can provide us with.

Do not hesitate to contact PEV Grow if you have any questions about the seeds of Worldpharma, from the point of view of their genetics, cultivation methods, fertilization, lighting, medical applications of cannabinoids and terpenes, pests that affect cannabis... etc... John will answer your questions in person from our quality department.

We hope that these strains will help and please you. Peace and love.


Our experts recommend: 


We have allowed ourselves the privilege of selecting what, in our opinion, are the 3 best varieties of marijuana rich in CBD from Worldpharma Seeds’ catalogue: 


Pakistan Chitral CBD 

Pakistan Chitral CBD is the dream of every lover of medical marijuana, one of the varieties with the highest level of CBD in the world, with 25% and 0.8% THC, so it guarantees an experience free of psychoactivity. Its genetics combines a 100% indica coming directly from the mountains of the Kush, Pakistan Chitral Kush, that after a succession of combinations with varieties of industrial hemp give rise to this wonderful medicinal plant. 

Indoors, make it feel as if it were August during the whole cycle, to do this set it at 18 hours during the first 20 days and go down to 12 hours the rest of the cycle, keeping the temperature always between 20 º and 26 º. Putting it in pots of 9 liters, you will fit about 11 plants per m2, being able to collect about 550 gr per m2. Outdoors, it can withstand everything, including low temperatures and rain. With a quality substrate and good watering, you will obtain spectacular results. 

Its taste is very powerful, the classic traditional Afghan hashish. Its effect is medically recommended for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, antidepressant, analgesic, antitumor, etc..

Afghan Kush CBD 

A myth within this world, a weed that comes from a great plant of pure race, and that with the hand of the experts of Worldpharma Seeds, they have combined with varieties of industrial hemp, obtaining a proportion THC:CBD of 1:1, levels of 10% respectively, which softens the effect of the original variety, turning it into a great alternative for the smokers who look for medicinal refuge in the mother plant. 

Indoors, with pots of 11 liters, you will fit about 9 plants per m2, which under a HPS focus with 600w of power and a cooltube reflector, can get to give between 500 and 600 grams per m2. Outdoors, put it in a large 25-litre pot from the start, avoiding transplants. It only needs many hours of sunshine, although it can also withstand colder and humid climates, as well as the attack of plagues. 

Its flavor has a lot of personality, seasoned and spicy, no doubt hits your taste buds with a lot of force. As medicinal marijuana, I recommend it for its anti-inflammatory effects, analgesics against pain and therapeutically very effective in the treatment of depression. 

Big Bud CBD 

Closing the podium but no less important, we have chosen Big Bud CBD by Worldpharma Seeds. In its genetics have participated an Afghan California, an Exodus Skunk and of course the impressive Big Bud. This marijuana plant stands out for its fast flowering, as well as for its CBD levels, which makes it a winning horse bet for smokers who want to enjoy medical marijuana. 

Inside, its structure is flattened and manageable, with strong branches that bear well the weight of their good productions. With a prepared substrate such as Top Crop Complete Mix and controlling humidity percentages, you will be able to collect about 90 grams per plant. In outside, it is not complaining almost with anything, only you must watch it if you live in a very humid zone, since its structure does not usually let the light and the air enter in the lower zones of the plant and problems of humidity could appear.

Medicinally it is a powerful antispasmodic, antiemetic and analgesic against pain. 

This is just the prelude to a catalogue full of great varieties of cannabis with high CBD content, which you can now buy at PevGrow at the best price on the market. Don't wait any longer!

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