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Worldpharma Seeds 

Dear cannalovers, welcome to PEV Grow!

PEV Grow is pleased to introduce you to one of the most promising medical marijuana seed banks on the cannabis scene.

With the help of John G. White, a PEV Grow collaborator and ex-partner founder of Delicious Seeds and World of Seeds seed banks, and of Organik fertilizers, we bring you all his experience and knowledge in the form of feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds with high CBD content.

Worldpharma Seeds was created with the aim of satisfying the demand for cannabis derivative products for all those medicinal users who wish to have their own self-cultivation, and to develop their own extractions, whether in the form of BHO, tinctures, ethanol extracts, Rosin Hash, and also to have fun with the best recipes of cannabic cuisine in the form of Brownie of marijuana, Marijuana cookies, etc.... and thus be able to enjoy different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes with the highest medicinal quality for multiple selected and differentiated applications.

Its catalogue is made up of 22 CBD rich genetics, all them have been developed from successive crosses, until stabilizing the THC: CBD ratios that correspond to each cultivar, always starting from industrial dioic hemp chemotypes that provide the building part of CBD, CBG and cariophilene as the main terpene, this corresponds to 50% of the chemical base of each genetic.

The second part of the genetics of each chemovar is provided by ancestral THC rich chemotypes, all from the European "old school", which John G. White used to preserve its original denomination.

Chemotypes such as White Widow CBD, Jack Herer CBD, Black Domina CBD, Afghan Kush CBD, Big Bud CBD, Hash Plant CBD, Critical mass CBD, Northern Lights CBD, Skunk 1 CBD and Pure Power Plant CBD, along with their autoflowering variants, make this laboratory, an endless genetic bank for medicinal purposes, worthy of knowing and testing.

In John's lab, as you will soon be able to see in his publications, you will have the opportunity to learn the most efficient forms of growing, his methods of extraction and purification, as well as how to apply and dose your medicinal cannabis for each of the specific ailments you wish to treat, all based on the latest advances that the current scientific knowledge of cannabis discovers us day by day.

The genetics of Worldpharma Seeds, and therefore their THC:CBD ratios, will be certified with their control analytics, by means of analytical liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography, which will show you the chemical profile of the chemovar, i. e. its fingerprint, as well as its variability due to its growing methods.Ç

All this it's obtained from the scientific perspective that John, as an organic chemist, and Worldpharma Seeds as a bank of medicinal seeds, can provide us with.

Do not hesitate to contact PEV Grow if you have any questions about the seeds of Worldpharma, from the point of view of their genetics, cultivation methods, fertilization, lighting, medical applications of cannabinoids and terpenes, pests that affect cannabis... etc... John will answer your questions in person from our quality department.

We hope that these strains will help and please you.

Peace and love