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Tropical Seeds, quality "made in Spain" with incredible prices


Welcome to our Growshop online! I am pleased to present the Tropical Seeds catalogue. This Spanish seed bank, is one of the revelations of the market, and believe me that this condition has not been given to anyone, and is the fruit of the good work and dedication that they give to each and every one of their creations.

They are known in the world as " The Kings of the Sativas " and thanks to the incredible climate they enjoy in the Canary Islands, where they are settled, they have specialized in African varieties, very productive and powerful, which need sunny climates to develop as fish in water, although you can also grow them indoors without any problem.


Discover the best seeds of Tropical Seeds


Smooth Smoke

Its origin is a consequence of the combination between a Pakistan Chitral Kush, from which it inherits its impressive qualities and personality, and the Highland Nepal, with which it achieves a more vigorous growth, achieving very beastly productivities in record time.

Its aroma is brutal, with a sweetness that is combined with touches of spicy red fruits, with touches Kush that make it the perfect choice for those eager for strong experiences.

Its effects are potent, and medically highly recommended, as it is a very good alternative to use as an analgesic against muscle pain, as well as anti-inflammatory.


Afro Network

A weed with a predominantly Indico phenotype, with a very fast flowering to be a feminized, because in just 2 months and a half since germination, will be ready to be harvested, but also eye, because its productivity is a scandal!

In indoor crops, if you use 11 litre pots you can place up to 9 specimens per m2, optimising the maximum cultivation space. Remember that Tropical Seeds creations need warm environments and a good dose of light, so I recommend that you use a 315w LEC lighting system, the latest lighting technology.

In outdoor crops, place it in the area of the terrace where there are more hours of light, and I recommend that you use mother earth as a substrate, as it will feel like fish in the water. Remember that it needs temperate climates, so if you live in the north you might want to consider growing it indoors.



One of the delights of the Tropical Seeds catalogue, which is characterised by a very fresh herbal aroma and flavour, with spicy nuances that give it a lot of personality, and that give it that little spicy touch that will make your sense of taste submerge in a cloud of pleasure from which you will never want to escape.

The effects of this weed, are typically Sativa, brain very active, energizing and stimulating, perfect for a good laugh with friends.

This is just a small foretaste of what Tropical Seeds is capable of doing, and is that its catalog of feminized seeds is made up of varieties the size of Durbakistan, Dancy Dance, Heaven's gate CBD or Bisho Purple.


Which one will you decide for? I know it's a complicated decision, because among such a constellation of stars it's very difficult to decide for just one, and believe me because I know what I'm talking about because I'm personally very much a fan of Tropical Seeds, I don't have any left to try! Discover their qualities in their detailed descriptions, and of course, buy them at PevGrow!

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