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Crockett Family Farms 

It has joined to Piensa En Verde, the new range of seeds Crockett Family Farms, offering great varieties and genetic kinds, and quality directly of the garden Crockett, hybrids of all kinds and for every taste grower and consumer !!!
This innovative line was designed and created by DNA Genetics, along with American grower, specializing in cannabis Tangie phenotypes in each you will find the seal of the Californian varieties and also the style of the DNA bank.
What characterizes this range marijuana regular are its characteristics, aroma, taste and high production of balsamic resin.
Some of the varieties you can find are Banana Split, Sour Diesel, LA CONFIDENTIAL, Dawg and many others.
Do not hesitate to try and cultivate Crockett Family Farms, you can now purchase this line at the best price on your confidence grow shop !!!