Genofarm Seeds




Dear cannalovers welcome to PEV Grow!

At PEV Grow. we are pleased to have the extensive catalog of the renowned Genofarm marijuana seed bank.

Research and quality are two words that define this company very well with more than 15 years of experience in the breeding of cannabis varieties, either in feminized seed formats.

Genofarm is a marijuana seed bank dedicated to the development of numerous studies and research to offer the best to their customers, since you are a demanding public accustomed to your varieties of great genetic purity, production and agronomic quality.

All Genofarm’s seeds are subjected to rigorous tests to demonstrate their effectiveness and resistance to various aspects such as adverse weather conditions, lack of irrigation, certain fungal pests etc ... presenting an excellent agronomic quality thanks to the rigorous selection of excellent clones.

This bank offers us a wide range of varieties for all tastes, whether they are hybrids, purebred genetics, elite clones or hybrid varieties for outdoor growing.

Their line of high THC responds to incredible psychoactive values  among which we can mention genetics such as Big Shark, Easy Haze, Best Mango, Farm Cheese, Golden Berry, Snow Flake, The Critical, Sour Diesel, Candyland, SFVOG (San Fernando Valley OG) and Ancient Widow.

You already know, from PEV Grow we encourage you to acquire the entire Genofarm range at the best price for being your most trusted grow shop !!!

Do you dare to cultivate Genofarm?