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Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

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Outdoor marijuana seeds

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Indoor marijuana seeds

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Relaxing marijuana seeds

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High Yielding marijuana seeds

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Autoflowering seeds marijuana



White Widow

White Widow
rating Nº valoraciones: 61 Valoración media: 9/10


Moby Dick XXL Auto, a new hybrid Indica-sativa-rudelaris from Dinafem. With a high percentage of THC.

It is obtained from cross between White Widow x Haze x rudelaris. It is a plant of high level, very balanced and powerful.

Moby Dick XXL Auto, is easy to grow. It is a magnificent autoflowering strain, which produces abundant crops of the best quality. Producing heavy resin buds. It is the improved version of Moby Dick.

Valid for both grown indoors and outdoors. Cultivate it indoor, flowering time is 80 days and with a yield of 450-500 g/m2. If you grow it outdoor will be ready in October with a production of around 60-200 gr / plant. The height of the Moby Dick XXL Auto ranges between 75-160 cm.

Its effect is powerful, physical, long-lived. Its intense flavor and aroma, with notes of citrus, pine, to exotic woods and shows sweet.

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More info

Bank: Dinafem Seeds
Seeds: Autoflowering
Mod. Culture: Indoor/ Outdoor 
Phenotype: Sativa-Indica-Rudelaris
Genotype:  (White Widow X Haze) X Rudelaris
Flowering indoor: 80 days
Harvest outdoor H.North: October
Harvest outdoor H.South: April
Production indoor: 450-500 gr/m2
Production outdoor: 60-200 gr/plant
THC: High

Data Sheet

GeneticsWhite Widow
FeaturesPick & Mix Seeds
Flavor and aromaLemon
Flavor and aromaWood
Flavor and aromaPine
BanksDinafem Seeds

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Customer reviews

Robert R.E. M. el día 12/06/2018
Healthy looking seed.

Juan Pedro B. el día 31/05/2018
I decided to plant a mobi dick auto xxl to try an automatic, I cultivated it in a pot of 7 liters out of season. I used composan land, and the first days I had it under a focus of 100w, quickly in 3 days began to grow in a beastly way. In the whole cycle it didn't give me a problem or a lack. I had it outdoors about December, and took a height of 20 centimeters, giving a production of two grams. The variety did not give all that it could give due to receiving a very loose sun. I tasted the same seed again and it grew double giving a great bearing of resinous buds and VERY good. I highly recommend the variety Pot:7L Earth: Composana Growing location: outdoor Pruning: none Sun Hours:18/4 Irrigation: when needed, adding fish mix foliar, bio root grow, a rooting of biobizz (rootjuice) for flowering bio Bloom and a base of top max.

emiliano m. el día 29/05/2018
use the moby dyck XXL seed indoors, because this way the plant is not visible to any curious neighbor, nor to the view of the owner of the other (the crop is better indoors), use the Scrog method. since, with this method I obtain more yield, I use only 1 pot of 11 liters with substrate armed with coconut fiber 30%, leaf soil and perlite, I use a ampoule of Halide 400w then I change it to a ampoule of sodium of power 400W of this form I find that the plant absorbs better the colors (4200 K and 2700 K), independent if it is Auto to obtain a major yield of the fruits.I obtained a yield of 30GTranslated with

Milos A. el día 26/05/2018
Hello Cultive 3 moby Dick xxl autofem xxl dinafem with the range of grotek fertilizers and rooting Bio rizothonic the result was spectacular previously in the other crops that had made with varieties such as magnum budha seed and White Widow the results were very different using gamma fertilizers from the soil hesi mean that i got with those seeds and fertilizers was 50g dry per plant instead with moby Dick xxl autofem and grotek fertilizers the production was spectacular following the advice of Pet grow for autoflowering seeds the average i got was 150g dry per plant an absolute record for my greetings to Pet grow for the information provided

yosvel g. el día 26/05/2018
I was delayed about a month the harvest because it was my first crop, to top it off I started with autoflowering and I made several mistakes, I didn't know about the regulation of the PH and I almost went crazy looking for because they yellowed the leaves, first I thought in calcium deficit, then in the temperature of the irrigation water, in the end I got a low yield but the quality of this variety was worth it because it is a delight of sativa,

raul r. el día 24/05/2018
What to say about my little girl that I raised them outdoors and prepared a light substrate to fertilize them according to the needs, she watered them little, especially during her first weeks of life and then gave them impressive and very rich buds because it was in organic the little she added but I took 100 grams from one of them and it was spectacular. Her sisters also behaved with 80 grams and that unmistakable taste.

montse l. el día 23/05/2018
Hello the outdoor cultivation and the harvest was 800grms, in pot of 25l, very good. I use it because it goes very well for the chronic pain I have in my left hand from a police attack, I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and the pain calms me down a lot. Thank you!

Anthony M. el día 19/05/2018
Well, they're my first crops, and the truth is, for beginners, they work well. Good harvest good taste and smell adapted to the climates. Strong. . And good production

Josue Ignacio A. el día 17/05/2018
My growing experience was not at all good as I had been offered to grow an autoflowering bud without telling me or informing me that I needed the right care, the buds were not fattened at all and it was not a plant which had bloomed a lot, it was my first plant, anyway the buds had a special taste and an abundant smell.

LEONEL IGNACIO P. el día 11/05/2018
First of all, I grew in the backyard of my house on the ground and two in air pot pots. Actually, I only let them grow to see how this variety grew and after months it looked like a Christmas tree. I still don't know exactly how much the final computation is, but I have several full jars in the curing process :3 greetings!

kenneth c. el día 10/05/2018
The outdoor cultivation of only 8 woods maximum is a unique and comforting experience to know that the product is chemical free...

brian r. el día 08/05/2018
Very good plant does not need much care and gives you a brutal production, the effect is very brueno is the best plant of all, When I saw it grow so much I was surprised by its size and the size of its flowers, but it was a show vetla creser and the rich smell it has, so if I take care of almost the whole patio because it needs a lot of light I cover all the other plants, the smell of the plant was three streets away I had to raise more tapial so that the vesinos do not see it, I didn't have enough bottles for the cure, I had to buy more than the ones used for a sativa, the manicure was something crazy I thought I didn't finish anymore but all that work was worth it because it was a very good experience and very good production, and by far the best flavor.

Juan Francisco R. el día 05/05/2018
Excellent production had a height of about 1.70 cm more than 40 or 50 g x plant. The taste half fruity and tremendous punch. The truth is, I'd put it back on again. It is convenient to put all Mobi Dick side by side because the height is very high and it is difficult to grow them with the other plants next to them. It also supports the overfertilization because I have given mass to the fertilizer and I know it perfectly, greetings!

Jonathan T. el día 04/05/2018
Excellent quality and consistency of the buds, great smell and taste, medium production. Indoor cultivation, 6 pots of 10 L 10 days of mercury and 55 days of sodium. 10 days phitogro, 30 days guanito, and the last 30 days, Phenix and delta 9. Delightful in the form of a plant. Score 8 per production.

simon lautaro c. el día 04/05/2018
One of the best plants, it grows a lot, an exquisite taste, and a high that you don't want to go down, the cultivation I did outdoors, watering with banana tea only, and for the growth, nettle tea with potato peel

Juanjo R. el día 28/04/2018
My culture was very good it was very good outside and my only method that I had was to the old one only giving dedication to my little plant without lying to them I hurt me so much to take it out as that I looked at it as a daughter I used a single flowerpot because it was automatic and it gave me in abundance the harvest.

santiago g. el día 28/04/2018
It was my first car outdoors and that passed and gave us some beautiful glasses and the best flights of the summer!

Jose C. el día 27/04/2018
It seems to me that it is a variety that helps the first-time grower since it is not complicated to germinate nor to transplant it, it has a good resistance to temperature changes and to high temperatures in the interior, I like very much that being a first-time grower always raises you about 2 or 3 degrees higher than the average in the nature and they are not stressed or damaged is a strong and robust plant, men enchantment and its production is ideal.

Maximiliano l. el día 26/04/2018
Hello plant outdoors and it was my first harvest in my own home. I planted in a pot and then transplanted them to the ground, I did pruning and threw some very nice branches....I used some natural for production I don't know how many in weight but if in francs.....I took out 40 jars of large coffee production.

Francisco Jose m. el día 20/04/2018
I cultivated this autoflowering in outside, plant three, in pots of 50l, they gave him about 5 hours of direct sunshine, it is a palnta that eats a lot and that later it thanks it, I am not much in favor of the autoflowering since it is a lot of wait for not so much production, but this moby dick if that it would return to cultivate it. abundant production and good taste (not great but good). do not use scrog or l.s.t. or anything but all three went pretty well for me. a greeting, I recommend it.

david g. el día 13/04/2018
Spectacular genetics, one of my favorites. It lives up to its XXL tagline. I had the pleasure of planting 4 seeds in 7 litre texpot pots, outside. Complete mix substrate of top crop, organic nutrients of top crop. They became real monsters, over six feet tall. The smell was beastly! After a correct drying and curing it was a spectacle to paint and smell. Smoking it is delicious, classic haze with citrus notes and earthy background. I loved it! The only thing I can say is that the only bad thing is the 3 months from germination to cutting, although seeing such trees I think there is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, I strongly recommend it unless you intend to go unnoticed.

Veronica G. el día 13/04/2018
My experience has been good productivity and a good taste although I lacked Thc, the germination was fast and the growth was very good. The drying also went well and fast and after the cure in glass jar when we tried it was a little loose or we expected a lot from this particular variety.

noelia r. el día 06/04/2018

ramon W. el día 05/04/2018
Indoor cultivation in four pots, with light bulbs of one hundred and fifty watts, very nice production and nothing to say about the potency, price/quality ratio could not have been better. The cultivation lasted as long as established, I only fertilized them with natural products that I prepare myself and the result was better than expected, even several friends planted the same variety achieving similar results.

juan s. el día 05/04/2018
Good experience outdoors was a few wide and very branched bushes with a thick central bud and a strong smell of lemon and some hard buds and full of resin I put it in a pot of 11l took me about 3 months but I was worth waiting for a good production both in quantity and quality a very good hug genetics for me the number 1

Carmen C. el día 05/04/2018
I used 5 seeds, one per 11-liter pot. I put them on the balcony and fertilized the soil with humus. Of the 5 floors, one was lost to me. This class is therapeutic and I use it to make ointment.

andres j. el día 05/04/2018
It's one of the most powerful I've planted, a lot of power, fine flavor and blunt, and it's nice to see how these branches get so fat in a time not so long, very advisable to sow this type of variety especially for those who need a high thc for the brain buzzing afterward

juan s. el día 05/04/2018
I put 6 bushes in indor under a focus of 600w in flowerpots of 11l 20h all the culture auto moby is a very grateful plant and of easy culture quite branched and good central cobollo a great production as much in frores as of resin a strong citric scent took me about 75 to 80 days the whole culture with fertilizers of biozim and sace a production of 400g in dry of good hard frosts resinous and odorous save as I smell the I recommend to the thousand x thousand a greeting

johan r. el día 04/04/2018
I planted this seed in three 15-litre pots, growing it indoors in a 100x80 indoor pot, which had a 250-watt bulb. The plants grew to just over a metre. The production was quite thick fox tails, almost 10 cm thick and about 40 grams each.

Natalia T. el día 30/03/2018
We decided to plant them outdoors, with the risk that this entails, after germinating the seeds at home. We thought of sowing more, but we kept three. We made individual greenhouses with bottles, as they were going to be in an unattended orchard. As it didn't rain too much, we had to go watering every three days, the quantity of liters per plant approximately, we alternated growth at first every two times it watered and then one if not the other. It didn't take long to show us that they were going to live up to their name, they were four months older than me. The quality was superior with exquisite flavor and a high of those that you get up and down you do not stop laughing, the amount over three kilos and gave us no problems of pests or anything. I highly recommend it.

joel r. el día 24/03/2018
Outdoor cultivation changing pot, first 3L then 7L to finally plant it in mother soil. It is a good enough power and to be a car, enough quantity.

David C. el día 22/03/2018
I grew indoors and had little production and but in good quality. Having leds I expected that I would have a big production by name but like that the plant stank and bore little fruit.

Ricardo A. el día 21/03/2018
Outdoor cultivation between the months of October and January, without any special cultivation method, in an 18-liter pot, reached one meter and 50 centimeters, as a shrub type, which produced approximately 35 grams of dry, had a pest of thrips and aphids so it was thought that the production would be ruined, but thanks to CBO and potassium soap was achieved 100% elimination of the pest, to enter its flowering successfully.

Emerson M. el día 18/03/2018
The plants were grown outdoors in 3 pots 11 liters, natural organic fertilizer, measuring the pH and leaving it in 6.5 287grams of harvest, excellent strain easy to cultivate, long arms and dense flowers and a wonderful aroma and great production per plant.

Carlos B. el día 16/03/2018
I put them outdoors, in medium pots, one of them came out good buds; very fat and resinous, the other (the smaller pot (10l approx) also good zompos but being smaller pot, smaller; smaller. To both of them I put very little product, only for flowering.

jose miguel L. el día 15/03/2018
It was my first growing experience, and a satisfactory result for being inexperienced.

Marcos P. el día 13/03/2018
They were planted outdoors cultivated dé guerrilla (mother earth) to be cars are highly productive with compact flowers although I had to cover a little to avoid problems of botrytis ... otherwise everything is perfect

kévin r. el día 06/03/2018
Cultivate in interior the moby, in focus Led of 400w, place 7 flowerpots of 11 liters, get a production of 2 kilos in total. Far away the best plant to cultivate, I got to measure 1.70... At one point I did not know how to stop its growth as the indoor is 100x200 jajs. I hope to win the crop to see those "girls" growing in my indoor and get a good production ...

patricio a. el día 03/03/2018
excellent very high strain so, in order not to lose production and to optimize it, I scrot'd a technique that tried to bend the plant in a gentle way and then tied it up so that all the branches would receive even light, thanks to this method a seed gave me almost 14 arms of production, quite uniform fertilizer used blast miner and very powerful and long-lasting delta nine stimulant. good smokes.

ANA B. el día 26/02/2018
Three flowerpots I couldn't get anything out of, they were seized. Beautiful I will try again without any method it took me some time to develop and maybe my fear caused my failure or I didn't follow a method so I will study a lot and I will keep trying outdoors, please help me.

francisco jose r. el día 23/02/2018
I bought a box of 10 seeds, I put them to germinate and only 7 of them took out the root without any problem despite following the steps well, and the genetics was not given in an adequate way neither in size nor in flavor, I would like to change this experience with you because before I have always trusted your seeds, with good results.

francisco m. el día 19/02/2018
Outdoor cultivation in 6 pots of 18l, the 6 were between 85 and 100 cm. The production was approximately 40-50 gr. per plant. Quite a powerful effect, in my case, and despite having used All Mix soil I had to give them extra food. Recommended until the real harvest comes.

nicolas l. el día 15/02/2018
It's my first time planting a seed, I've had it outdoors and has grown quite a lot, use only a pot and occupy BIO grow fertilizers, the result was expected with an abundant production, the good thing about this is that I learned with my first plant a mobi Dick XXL and I want to continue learning even more. Greetings friends

Doug Wilson m. el día 13/02/2018
Well when he is a beginner he does things he doesn't know and I started to investigate the subject of cultivation and the method I used was interior with LED lights for better cultivation, 2 pot and production at least do not weigh it but calculating about 350 grams.

Cyrille Z. el día 07/02/2018
The truth is, it's the first time I've ever planted. It's an indoor crop and although I was afraid of the cold and all that, I planted them pretty early and now they look great. I have two pots each with a seed and now they're beautiful little plants. At the moment I have not used auxiliary lighting and I do not know what kind of production it can provide. Greetings!

Daniel S. el día 04/02/2018
Well my experience with this seed was very comforting. Great production, very good buke and beautiful plant. Indoor cultivation, normal method, 3 pots of 11 ltrs with a led focus of 300w approx a production of 110 grams. excellent. recommend moby dick xxl auto de dinafem. Greetings Cannabiculturists.

Juan Carlos P. el día 01/02/2018
I give it a 9 because I'm young and I still haven't tried enough varieties to give it a 10, but this Moby XXL is BRUTAL. It gave me about twice the production of the last two harvests I had. 6 large pots and a focus of 600w. An interior that is worth a lot.

Christian P. el día 30/01/2018
The truth is that the Moby Dick Auto XXL gave me many surprises, the first ones when germinating, of the three seeds, one was born with 3 cotyledons, another one was born with two plants and I had to separate them and the third one the seed did not detach the shell and I had to help break it! I put them in 20 liters pots and Canna fertilizer, the production wasn't bad except for the two that came out of one that got smaller. The effect wasn't the same as the original Moby Dick but although it's another effect it wasn't bad at all.

nil c. el día 27/01/2018
The crop was grown 2 years ago, outdoors, with a 40L pot. Of fabric, impressive size, even if it is XXL(1m and little) very sweet aroma, big buds, fertilized with biobizz range, earth all mix, a very good experience, a very grateful plant, it grows vigorously, it takes longer than other varieties that I have cultivated but it is worth a lot the trouble,the best fruit, strong and very pleasant high, a very busy taste, and faithful to its big sister not autoflowering, you can notice the quality thanks to the work of the breeders of this magnificent bank that is dinafem, 100% recommended, a monster to be cultivated!

Fernanda F. el día 26/01/2018
Cultivate in outside scrog 8 flowerpots a delicacy nothing to say! With eagerness making greenhouse and that the special days arrive to get good production and attentive nothing richer than your canyon from chili !!!!! Good smoke friends

raul g. el día 26/01/2018
The crop was grown indoors. I didn't use any method as it was auto use 3 pots from 7 Ltd use a 1000 w LED production was good abundant, I don't know the weight because it didn't weigh but it was productive. Use advance nutrients. Base Connoseiur a y b bud ignitor, tarantula, voodoo Piranha overdrive big bud

Mercedes H. el día 22/01/2018
Very good and very good results, I am delighted with the truth

Javier G. el día 21/01/2018
Interior. Pot of 11. With LEC of 315. The plant gave me 80. Very powerful. I hardly had any problems with the culture. I rooted well and with a low pruning gave me excellent results.

Daniel A. el día 18/01/2018
Upper branched plant reaches 1.20 m without problem in pots of 11 liters high production to be a dense autoflowering corolla of medium size, lemony haze odor takes longer than the normal autoflowering but compensates in the production, come out better and more branched in soil.

Álvaro M. el día 16/01/2018
Excellent seed, easy to understand and grow

Diego Javier A. el día 15/01/2018
It was my first crop was of a Purple Kush car inside a home closet and a little precarious if you will. I put a low consumption lamp of 250w, that for the growth started very well but at the moment of the flowering it lacked more power, there also I realized the importance of the humidity in growth. But for my first harvest I was very happy. The purple color and scent was fine with me. At the moment I gave him a wick was the best thing that probe was doing very well at the head but he was going down right away it should be an indication... that was my first and only experience so far and I hope to have many more. Greetings

Lucas Daniel U. el día 15/01/2018
It is a great car very tasty and powerful high size compared to other good resin productions.

Enrique C. el día 10/01/2018
Super interesting, you learn to be a gardener, doctor, grower, good person, have time, spend time and learn.

Ignacio C. el día 05/01/2018
Hello, Once I cultivated a Moby Dick XXL AUTO, The fertilizers I occupied were ( TOP AUTO and TOP CANDY), The plant grew super fast and had a spectacular ship, the central bud got fat in a brutal way and the arms were all fox tails, I was planted in a 50 lts. pot outside, after 2 months with 15 days I did a root wash, after 3 months I harvested, I left the buds hanging in a dark room for 2 weeks, they were dry and went directly to the bottle and 32 grams dry.

rony g. el día 02/01/2018
I chose Moby dick not because I already grew it but because I would like to do it indoors I would do two transplants but given the conditions in my country it is very difficult to find the right products I do all my crops in war outside homemade fertilizers I get good taste but very little size and little THC or resin

chevalier j. el día 24/01/2017
Wow, I am absolutely freaking out with this variety. Is the auto version of the classic Moby Dick

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