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As we say in the section Activated carbon filters, ozonizers are a very great option to camouflage our indoor cultivation by destroying all kinds of odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc ... First we will differentiate how to act an activated carbon filter and how an ozonator does it in very simple words to understand even for the most novice in these matters.
The carbon filter "camouflages" the smell when removed from the room where we have our indoor cultivation, trapping most active carbon or in some cases even the entire odor. The ozonator directly "eats" odor, "eats" it.
Ozone has oxidizing properties, which maybe of microbicidal fastest and most effective known, with a broad spectrum of action that unites a lot of features of removing bacteria (bactericidal effect), viruses (virucidal effect), fungi (fungicide effect), spores (sporicidal effect) and of course the smell (deodorizing effect).
Do the properties and characteristics of the ozonator mean that it has to reject the use of carbon filters ?, personally I think not, rather the opposite as it gives very good results using both taking advantage of the characteristics of each one of them depending on where they will be used, for example: We have a closet that you can find in your Piensa En Verde Grow Shop in a room where we can place a filter after the extractor, this eliminates odor "extracted" but always the residual odor is "especially in flowering phase" of the seedlings of marijuana have inside, and of course, when we care them, we open the closet door, increasing on the room or the whole house "and beyond" the smell that can even reach the "nosy neighbor", ruining thus the culture with a call to law enforcement officials. For to avoid this odor, it is highly recommended to use one "or several" ozonizers that eating such smell, "recommend not putting it directly into the living culture or the aroma of our precious plants also eat, something we do not want;)" .
The ozonator can be used with impressive results from a small crop in a closet until authentic cannabis plantations large. Everything depends on its size and strategic placement of ozonizers. We must be careful not to place a powerful ozonator in an area of housing occupied for long periods since I have come to see genuine "fog" of ozone in a corridor, which can often cause dry cough for a few minutes until leave that environment and / or adjust the power of the ozonizer device.