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At Pevgrow you don't just have the best feminized marijuana seeds. We also bring you the best products for your plants to grow healthy and strong. One of the priorities of any grow shop is that its customers' crops are well protected from any threat. That's why at Pevgrow you already have the best pesticides and insecticides on the market.

Combat and eliminate pests in marijuana

Pesticides and insecticides are essential products to fight against the pests that can affect your crops. Your plants don't grow properly? So, you need to ask yourself if it is possible that they have been infected with the most common insects that attack cannabis and make it difficult to extract resin.

What are the plagues of marijuana?

Unfortunately, there are several marijuana pests that can negatively affect growth. Two of the most common are red spider mite and whitefly.

Despite its name, the red spider mite is actually a mite that is especially violent for our indoor plants. The humidity and temperature conditions we need for plants to grow create the ideal environment for spiders to reproduce. This type of pest is characterized by weaving nets both on the trunk of the plants and on the leaves. But it's important to locate them before the web gets too big!

The white fly, on the other hand, is a winged bug about two millimeters long that lives on the back of the leaves of the plant. To locate them before they have fully grown, it is important to look at the condition of the leaves. If they dry out or yellow in areas, you have to be suspicious. As if this were not enough, whitefly also promotes the appearance of some fungi such as sleeves, so you should be very careful with this pest.

How to prevent or avoid pests on your plants?

The best thing you can do to avoid the consequences is to prevent their occurrence. In grow cabinets, for example, it is very easy for insects to infect all plants in a short period of time. They don't have predators to get rid of them in time.

To save your marijuana plants there are several products that fight pests before they appear. The Agrobeta Spider Pests and Fungi Network is administered about once a week and keeps the red spider mite at bay.

How to eliminate pests efficiently

Getting a good marijuana insecticide is essential if a pest has finally nested in your plant. The Ekisan or Agrobeta ponytail, for example, is very effective in getting rid of happy red spiders.

Another way to help you eliminate most pests is to properly soak the plants with another product, Neem oil, also available in the Agrobeta range.

Plant Clean HC potassium soap is another way to regularly clean your autoflowering crop while keeping any insects at bay.

In short, products such as Advanced Nutrients are effective in eliminating uncomfortable pests. Buy it now!

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