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Air and water pumps 

  • 600 L22,00 €
    800L23,50 €
    1000 L.26,00 €
    2000L42,00 €
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  • Modelo 001- 20L/min34,00 €
    Modelo 002- 40L/min39,00 €
    Modelo 004-60 L/min59,00 €
    Modelo 012- 150L/min94,00 €
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  • Ball 30mm1,00 €
    Ball 50mm2,50 €
    Larga 10 cm2,50 €
    Ring 75 mm3,50 €
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  • 2 mts2,50 €
    50 m.20,00 €
Water pumps are mainly used to pump water into ponds and carry it wherever you want. You can also use them to suck water from a nutrient solution and make it circulate throughout the hydroponic system.

The root system is the most unknown part of the plant but not the less important.

If you use the air pumps in the nutrient solution, you will keep the roots healthy thanks to oxygen and they will assimilate more food. You'll notice how your queens grow stronger and are more productive.

We have pumps of all powers and flows, brands as recognized as Atman and they are available at the best price in your reliable Grow Shop Piensa en Verde.