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Quality and safety at your fingertips Cannamour is a Dutch company that manufactures products of CBD and CBDA from extracts of hemp grown in Europe.

The hemp crops used by this company are 100% organic from the varieties available in the European hemp seed register. The CBD and its acidic variant CBDA are non-psychoactive cannabinoids, being those found in the majority of varieties of industrial hemp.

They are cannabinoids that are not found in the annexed lists of the C.U of narcotic drugs of 1961, and therefore, perfectly licit in the European market, being free of traces of THC.

In its range of products you can find oils composed only by CBD from the process of decarboxylation of CBDA. The properties of CBD are based on their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, being useful in neurodegenerative processes, chronic neuropathic pain, and also active in reducing the risk of tumor cell proliferation.

Natural medicine within reach!