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You no longer have to limit yourself to smoking marijuana in a joint, rolled with tobacco and paper. At PevGrow, your trusted GrowShop, we have a wide variety of pipes, bongs and cachimbas. This is the ideal place to shop for the best value for money.

How to smoke marijuana

Far from the traditional joints, there are numerous articles with which to taste a good bud without resorting exclusively to paper and tobacco. Once it was not very common to use marijuana with pipes or water bongs, as they were expensive products. Today, the price of these products has become affordable, and it is possible to buy cheap and enjoy various forms of cannabis smoking.

At PevGrow you can choose from a wide range of pipes, bongs, cachimbas and sishas made from various materials, such as wooden pipes, acrylic bongs and cachimbas with exclusive designs.


Pipes are one of the most ancient methods for the consumption of plants such as marijuana. The pipes are basically made up of two parts: a small bowl where the marijuana is placed, and a tube-shaped end where the smoke is inhaled. Over time, this design has evolved and improved to the current models, manufactured in materials as diverse as glass, metal or wood.

Metal filter smoking pipes are designed to smoke marijuana and hashish without the use of tobacco. These pipes can be dismantled, so cleaning them is not complicated. The grilles can be cleaned or replaced.

You can find glass pipes with different designs and sizes to buy the one that best suits your tastes. With classic designs, small 10-centimetre pipes, perfect for smoking anywhere, up to a size of 35 cm, ideal for use at home as well as for decorating. You can find special designs, where the pipe tube twists in a spiral, that help cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs.


One of the best ways to smoke marijuana is through a bong, also known as a water pipe, without using paper and filtering the smoke through water. With a similar function to the cachimbas, the bongs are smaller and more portable. Its shape consists of a container with water and air to which is added a tube through which the smoke will pass. When smoking, the smoke is filtered through the water, leaving it fresh and clean of impurities. With the use of a bong, the lungs receive a greater amount of smoke, so the buzz will be much faster and more intense.

At PevGrow you can buy bong made of glass, acrylic and even silicone, designed for easy transport. The small models, ideal for daily use by one person and easy to transport, even the largest models with heights of up to 50 cm. These are ideal for heavy smokers or for those who like to smoke in company. If you like to go everywhere with your bongbuying a large size bong is not a problem, as you can find high end models with carrying cases.

Hookah and sishas

Similar in function to the bong, the cachimbas and sishas are of oriental origin. They are made up of several parts: a casserole dish, usually made of ceramic, where the tobacco is placed, covered with a perforated aluminium foil. A burning charcoal is placed on top of it to light the tobacco. The smoke is sucked through a hose, previously filtered by some liquid such as water.

You can find bongas with a multitude of designs and sizes, perfect for individual or group use. If you like to enjoy big smokes with friends, the shishas with two hoses will get you to have good group fun.