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Kiwi Seeds, autoflowering with very high resistance and productivity

Fasten your seatbelts, curves are coming! You are going to discover the Kiwi Seeds autoflowering catalogue, Are you ready? Kiwi Seeds is a seed bank that has been on the market for more than a decade and whose creations are very popular, characterised by combinations of Sativas and Indicas, with very consolidated genetics from Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

In today's market, autoflowering varieties are acquiring superlative importance, as they are highly valued by growers, for their short flowering periods, for their production capacities and for their resistance to inclement weather, as autoflowering genetics are achieved by combining with a Ruderalis, which comes from Siberia itself, so you can imagine their incredible resistance to inclement weather.

Kiwi Seeds 2019 autoflowering catalogue

Auto Mako

Within their catalogue, you will find some weeds such as Auto Mako, which is characterized by its incredible productivity, and which will be ready in just 50 days from its germination. Its aroma and taste, is something out of the ordinary, is sweet and will remind you of Sandalwood, with a stimulating effect and brain, which will provide a spectacular journey. It is highly recommended as medical marijuana for the treatment of muscle aches, as it acts as a powerful analgesic.

Auto Power Plant

Auto Power Plant is perfect if you're looking for excellent productivity, with a flowering period of just 9 weeks. In indoor crops, you will be able to harvest a large number of buds, for which works really well, use 14 pots of 7 liters, with a good HPS lighting system of 600W. In crops under the sun, it behaves great, with great resistance to pests and cold, where it can even become productive.

Little Dipper

Little Dipper, descends directly from the genetic combination between Milky Way with a Lowryder #2, giving rise to a variety of sweet flavor with spicy touches, which give it that spicy touch that gives it personality. Its effects are characterized by a progressive initial rise, followed by moderate relaxation, which leads to a relaxation that is ideal for meditation, and relax quietly in the moonlight on a perfect summer night, loaded with stars.

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is another of the creations of Kiwi Seeds that in just 10 weeks after germination will be full of buds, and grows compactly, without ever exceeding 100 cm in height. This makes it a perfect option for wardrobe crops, and be able to practice a SOG crop, with which you can collect up to 30 gr per plant, for this I use pots of 7 liters, with which you can place up to 14 plants per m2. In outdoor crops, if you use a definitive pot of about 18 liters, you will avoid transplants, and provide a space for greater root growth, and if you also use a substrate of coconut fiber, you will notice how its vegetative development is spectacular, and therefore its productivity will grow accordingly.


I recommend that you try each and every one of these strains, because they are a real spectacle, and undoubtedly they will not disappoint you. Do you dare to live this experience? Do it without hesitation, because you are going to do it in the hand of your trusted online Growshop!

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