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You have available in our catalog the 2020 feminized seeds of Super Sativa Seed Club seed bank, known worldwide by the acronym SSSC.

Super Sativa Seed Club was founded in 1985 by Karel Schelfhout, whose dream was to reach all growers in the world, top quality varieties at an affordable price, easy to grow and good yields.

Their good work and trajectory was awarded with the entrance in the hall of fame in the High Cannabis Cup 2007, as one of the pioneers of the legendary cannabis seed banks and breeders.

Today, SSSC has adapted to modern times without renouncing the values that have led it to be considered a cult object within this world, with varieties that evoke old school flavors, with a quality far superior to the average, Artisan Cannabis!

2020 Feminized Seeds Catalogue by Super Sativa Seed Club

SSSC's 2020 feminized catalogue is currently composed of 3 varieties:

- Lava Freeze

- Super Mad Sky Floater

- TNT Trichome

Lava Freeze

One indica in its pure state, with very powerful and crushing effects, with high yields and organoleptic properties, marked by a sweet and citrus berry flavor, which will surely conquer you from the first puff.

Super Mad Sky Floater

A perfectly balanced hybrid between its sativa and indica side, with a large structure and THC levels that are well above average, one of the most incredible I've ever tasted! Close to 30%! That results in a good, hallucinogenic, crushing high. Smoke it when you have nothing to do, because it will drive you out of your mind.

Its grape and fruit flavor is dangerously addictive, smoke it with caution so you don't fall knock out too quickly.

TNT Trichome

A variety born to satisfy the demands of the most commercial growers, besides being easy to grow and with a very high power of adaptability to the environment. Its THC level above 20% guarantees a high flying experience, an intense smoke that will leave you very relaxed and ensures an intense mental journey.

Its taste combines a pleasant fruity touch, with coffee and a certainly sour finish.

Which of the three will you take? I already have all three in my dispensary... I couldn't help it! Buy them at PevGrow!

You have available in your trusted online growshop the repertoire of autoflowering seeds from the mythical Super Sativa Seed Club seed bank. In the 80's in the middle of the hippie movement, Mr. Karel Schelfhout created the Super Sativa Seed Club, one of the pioneer seed banks worldwide. His dream was to create strains where the quality was the most important thing and to make them reach all the growers in the world, to expand his conception about cannabis. He certainly succeeded!

Super Sativa Seed Club autoflowering seed catalogue

At the moment, Super Sativa Seed Club only offers a variety in autoflowering format, although they are in full development and expansion of its catalog, so in this 2020 we will have surprises guaranteed.

Auto Creeper

The result of a hard work of genetic selection and stabilization, you get a version of the classic SSSC, ready in 12 weeks of full crop cycle, one of the few dominant autoflowering sativa varieties you can find, with a respectable size for an automatic, offering quite high yields, with a quality really unusual until now in an automatic.

Its effect is undoubtedly very powerful, marked by quite high THC levels, very sativa, cheerful and mental, ideal to have a good time in the company of your friends. Its flavor is another of its strong points, a fresh mixture between lemony, apple-like touches and a very marked earthy finish.

Buy Super Sativa Seed Club's autoflowering seeds now at PevGrow. You're in for a great time!

I want to introduce you to the regular seed collection of Super Sativa Seed Club seed bank. We have to go back to 1985, when Karel Schelfhout founded the Super Sativa Seed Club, one of the first seed banks recognized as such and considered as one of the pioneers.

Its purpose was to put into the hands of growers around the world premium cannabis varieties at a price to suit all budgets. Like us, Super Sativa Seed Club shares the same business philosophy, where quality takes precedence over everything else, that's why we're delighted to have them in our regular seed catalogue.

After decades of conquering the hearts of thousands upon thousands of growers around the globe, their trajectory was recognized with the High Times Cannabis Cup 2007 Hall of Fame award, as pioneers of the seed banks and recognizing their trajectory as legendary cannabis breeders.

The best regular seeds from Super Sativa Seeds Club

It's been hard to choose from such a number of stars, but I've selected for you the most outstanding regular strains from Super Sativa Seed Club repertoire:

Prima Holandica

A sativa in pure state, with a long flowering period, but that undoubtedly every cannabis lover will appreciate, since as it is in the popular saying: "Good things are made to wait". You will need a high level of prior knowledge to get the most out of this weed, as it requires high doses of food and care.

Its effect is very fast, creative and very mental, fun, with psychoactive traces that will make you have a great time. Its taste combines fruity touches with a metallic and diesel finish.


Another pure sativa, good looks and big productions. You will need a certain space, especially indoors, to be able to embrace all its greatness, I recommend you to take it under the sun, with all the space in the world to develop at your ease.

Its effect is very cheerful, ideal to spend a good afternoon with friends and have a few laughs. As for the terpenic profile, you will notice some traces of fresh lemon, with certain notes of lemon-lime.

Frosty Friday

Closing the podium but not the worst, I left Frosty Friday, one of my favorites of Super Sativa Seed Club, especially for its huge resin production, with which I love to make my own hashish or BHO extractions.

Its effect is joyful and open-minded, very blissful, ideal to lose the shame and enter that girl you like so much or directly be the soul of the party. Its organoleptic properties are very tasty, with a citrus flavour and a fresh pine aroma.

This was just a preview, discover the full catalogue of regular Super Sativa Seed Club seeds, at the best price at PevGrow!

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