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With an experience of 3 decades, Purple City Genetics has made a remarkable niche in the cannabis market by selecting legendary genetics and giving them their particular touch, always getting some fantastic results.

It was in 2008 when Purple City Genetics was born as a seed bank, after the legalization of cannabis use in California. The guys from Purple City Genetics have specialized in regular and feminized seeds, more specifically in elite high level clones.

To achieve varieties of this level in Purple City Genetics take care of every detail, setting very selective and methodical working methods in the production processes, keeping strict hygienic measures, besides having a important investment in R & D to be always ahead of the game, in a world that is constantly growing.

Purple City Genetics' catalog is full of elite clone hybrids and S1 varieties.

Purple City Genetics' best seed selection

Purple City Genetics is one of the most valued seed banks by our experts, so I bring you what they consider to be the best varieties of Purple City Genetics:

Dosidos x Key Lime Pie

One of PCG's flagships is undoubtedly the Dosidos x Key Lime Pie, which stands out for its impressive organoleptic qualities and its great production. Growing it both indoors and outdoors is very easy and gives you yields ranging from 14.1 oz per 3x3ft (400 grams per m2) to over 21.2 oz (600 grams) per plant, if it enjoys a very sunny climate.

Its taste is spectacular, sweet lime with a floral background and some very strong earthy touches that last a long time in the mouth.

Strawberry Banana x Key Lime Pie

Another great weed offered by Purple City Genetics is the Strawberry Banana x Key Lime Pie. Without a doubt, the goal was to achieve a variety of impressive flavors that would leave everyone who tried it speechless, with those touches of banana, strawberry and lime, with some fresh notes.

With regard to its cultivation, it is simple and adapts well to any environment. Indoors, you can cut between 15.8 and 19.4 oz per 3x3ft (450 and 550 grams per m2), while outdoors the production can stretch beyond 21.2 oz (600 grams) per plant if you know how it's done.

Gelato 33 x Purple Punch

Closing the podium on the most recommended varieties of Purple City Genetics, I present to you the Gelato 33 x Purple Punch. A real resin producer, with which you can make first class extractions. Its terpenic profile is crazy, a great mix between a few touches of ripe grapes, an earthy background and a fresh aroma, it will dazzle you from the first puff!

As far as growing is concerned, it's a very vigorous plant, in fact you'll need growth tutors and to control it indoors if you don't want it to touch the spotlights. Production is outstanding, up to 17.6 oz per 3x3ft (500 grams per m2) indoors and up to 24.7 oz (700 grams) per plant outdoors.

This and much more is what Purple City Genetics has in store for you, all the varieties available at PevGrow at the best price!

The autoflowering marijuana seeds of the Purple City Genetics bank stand out for their intense aroma and flavor, a hallmark of these producers based in Oakland (California) But that is not the only thing that stands out about these automatic flowering plants , since their genetics It has nothing to do with the European classics, and they are very resinous, rich in essential oils, and with THC contents higher than 20% in many cases.

Saltwater OG Auto are the first 100% autoflowering seeds published by this bank, and they are making everyone who tries them fall in love, to such an extent that Purple City Genetics is already announcing its new releases, and they are also very promising, points out these names: North Bay Kush, Autofuel, Saltwater Taffy, Saltwater Mints, Orange Lean, Grenada, Cedar Berry, Afberry 2.0, Sour Citrus, and Orange Kush .

Stay tuned for the news that this American bank has prepared for us, and remember that in our blog you have a lot of information about the cultivation of these plants, I leave you a link to this post where you will see 10 very good tips to grow autoflowering .

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