Marijuana strains with dark colorations have always been one of the most striking in the world of cannabis, since visually they are usually more beautiful than green ones. A few years ago there were barely 4 or 5 seeds with these characteristics, but today you can choose from hundreds, and from all formats, regular, feminized, autoflowering, medicinal ... of all. Sometimes the problem is knowing how to choose the ones that can best be adapted to the needs of each one, and for that it is this section where we are going to highlight the most valuable from our point of view.

Black regular seeds, for the most puritans

In the 60s and 70s, only pure varieties or landraces were cultivated, in the 80s commercial marijuana seeds began to be cultivated, and during the 90s and 2000s they destroyed this type of seeds, but only in a regular format. From then until now, feminized ones have triumphed, but many regulars are still being grown today, and below you can see the best of these with Black genetics .

Black Domina , the first commercial black marijuana

Before the advent of commercial hybrids, there were some black landraces like those from Uzbekistan , and others that even advertised it in their name, like the Colombian Black . But it was not until the late 90s that the first cannabis seeds for sale with this quality appeared, and that was Black Domina from Sensi Seeds .

It is a cross between Indica descendants of Afghans, contains Northern Lights, Ortega, Afghani # 1 and Hashplant, compact, very hard, with good production, very relaxing effect and unique musk flavor. In Europe, numerous hybrids were made from this plant, especially in Spain, and most of them were of great quality.

Black Widow , the widow dressed in mourning

White Widow marked a before and after in the world cannabis market, but due to problems between breeders, it had to change its commercial name from white to black. With its new name it was not as successful as with the original, but it remained among the most valued in the European market. It is an F1 hybrid that arose from the combination of a pure Brazilian, supposedly Manga Rosa, and a male from South India , more specifically from Kerala.

Black feminized seeds, the favorites

Right now they are the seeds of choice for most growers , and feminized seeds have proven to have the same quality as others, and save time, work, space and money. There are quite a few genetics of this type with the adjective "Black" in their name, so I'm going to highlight the ones that we think are superior.

Black Jack by Sweet Seeds , a daring game of chance

It was one of the first genetics offered by Sweet Seeds and is still among the favorites of this feminized seed bank. Cross between Jack Herer and Black Domina , a very balanced polyhybrid with the best qualities of each parent, easy to grow and high yield. In its catalog you can also find its autoflowering version, fast, rich in CBD, and crossed with other champions such as the tasty Cheese.

Sugar Black Rose , very complete in every way

The most sold seeds of Delicious Seeds by far, a fusion of the 2 best clones selected in Spain, Critical Bilbo and Black Domina Valenciana. It has everything you could want in a cannabis plant, it is super fast, high yielding, resistant to stress, adapted to various growing systems and environments, quality effect, and flavor ... You have to try it.

Black Valley , for indica lovers

The guys at Ripper Seeds only publish seeds of powerful varieties, both sativas, hybrids, or indica as in this case. Black Valley has its origin in the Himalayas , where the marijuana plants with the most sedative, analgesic, relaxing, calming, and narcotic effects grow. Pure medicine , which in addition to being powerful is a gift for the palate, so keep these feminized seeds in mind if you want to try a good specimen of the Black family.

Black Russian , from Russia with love

Cross between White Russian and Black Domina created by Delicious Seeds, very fast flowering, excellent production of flowers and resin, very powerful effect and easy to grow. The flavor is reminiscent of the Black family , sweet and long-lasting, the kind that make you salivate and continue to be enjoyed long after consuming. Outdoors it ends before the arrival of autumn, which can be a great advantage in rainy climates.

The best autoflowering seeds of the Black cannabis family

Thanks to its cultivation speed, discretion, resistance, and versatility , more and more automatic flowering cannabis seeds are being cultivated in the world, and this has caused their quality to improve greatly in recent years. There are quite a few auto genetics of the Black family , and for us the best ones are the following:

Mamba Negra Auto , one of the best autoflowering plants in history

It is one of those seeds that always perform well, under any circumstance, in all environments and cultivation modes. It entered the scene more than five years ago, but it is still one of the most demanded varieties every year, and it is no coincidence, its sweet citrus flavor, its high level of THC , and those buds that do not seem to be automatic are responsible for your success.

Black Domina Auto , the auto version of the hybrid indicates more complete

Sagarmatha surprised the entire sector when it presented its Black Domina Auto, because this seed bank does not usually work with automatic varieties, so we were sure that it was something special, and it is. It is a faithful replica of the normal version , even more resistant if possible thanks to the hybrid vigor gained, but with the same aroma, flavor and effect.

Black Cream Auto , flowers of great beauty and aroma

Within the “Red Family” of Sweet Seeds, there is a variety that stands out for its dark almost black tones , Black Cream Auto. It is one of those plants that you fall in love with at first glance, but you should not judge it only by its attractive appearance, because these seeds offer you truly unique organoleptic properties, with coffee, earthy and exquisite berry touches, as well as a first-rate effect. quality.

Fastbuds Blackberry , delicious black pearl

Original cross between Cream Caramel, Blackberry Kush and a Canadian variety , perfect for beginners due to its zero cultivation difficulty, and suitable for all lovers of fruity flavors. It is of contained size, so it goes quite unnoticed on balconies or small terraces, where it will become the queen of the garden due to its beautiful dark colors.

Seeds rich in CBD and Black genetics

Within this category are the most medicinal , those with high levels of cannabidiol, in some cases in chemotypes with a 1: 1 ratio and the same amount of this cannabinoid as THC, and in other cases with twice as much CBD as THC, In other words, a ratio of 1: 2, you choose the ones that can best suit you.

Positronics Black Widow CBD , the holy grail

Created by the CBD Crew for Positronics, that is, custom designed by Shantibaba, the father of Widow. The appearance of the buds is similar to the original, totally covered in resin, but it must be said that the aroma and flavor changes, being sweeter. It contains 7% THC and 13% CBD , so it would be approximately a 1: 2 ratio , it has a moderate psychoactivity and is perfect on a therapeutic level.

Satin Black Domina CBD , medicine squared

It was one of the first varieties to emerge from Sensi Seeds Research, the testing laboratory of this mythical Dutch seed bank. Cross between Black Domina and a secret component that cannabidiol provides, with a ratio between THC and CBD of approximately 1: 1, and if the original Black Domina already offers a great medicinal effect, this version is almost miraculous.

Black Jack CBD , the perfect balance

Half indica and half sativa, psychoactive and medicinal, THC and CBD, the Ying and Yang of cannabis. It has lost some of the Haze character that characterizes the normal version, but Black Jack CBD is better in many other ways. Its THC content can range from 10% to 18%, and its CBD level is between 9% and 17%, with a Diesel touch in the flavor that is also a novelty in this family.

Curiosities of the Black family of cannabis

A good part of the feminized seeds, and those in bulk that are sold in Europe today have Black Domina genetics but many people do not know it. This is because many seed producers use a clone of this variety selected in Spain as a parent to revert, which normally provides few traits to the offspring, so it usually remains very similar to the receiving mother or parent.

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