Hemp varieties for flower production

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The best hemp varieties used for flower production are those that produce the highest amounts of CBD, CBG, or other minority cannabinoids. Some varieties of industrial hemp are also used for smoking because they contain a pleasant terpene profile, giving them a special aroma and flavor. In this category you will see the best certified hemp varieties to produce quality flowers.

Best varieties for hemp flowers

  • Kompolti
  • Tiborszallasi
  • Futura 75
  • Earlina 8FC
  • Felina 32
  • Santhica 70
  • Santhica 27
  • Monoica
  • Kc Zuzana
  • Fedora 17

What are hemp buds or flowers used for?

  • CBD hemp flowers: It is one of the most common uses today, since some time ago the WHO removed cannabidiol from the list of controlled substances and its consumption is allowed in many countries. Some varieties of industrial hemp flower are very medicinal and interesting for treating diseases, and can be used to prepare recipes, make infusions, creams, massage oil, etc. High-CBD hemp varieties are the ones in greatest demand right now.
  • Aromatic hemp flower: They are used in aromatherapy sessions to take advantage of the medicinal properties of cannabis in a very healthy way, or at least healthier than smoking of course. The best varieties for the production of aromatic hemp flowers are those that produce the highest concentration of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.
  • Hemp flower for smoking: In some countries, such as Italy, France or Switzerland, a large industry of hemp flower has been created to be consumed smoked, many people are even stopping consuming tobacco and cannabis rich in THC to switch to smoking. the hemp flower rich in CBD or other minority cannabinoids, since it allows them to continue to function normally and also take advantage of the therapeutic properties of hemp.
  • CBG hemp varieties: The certified high CBG hemp varieties are Santhica 27 and Santhica 70 are perfect for this purpose, especially the second one that can reach a 3% concentration of this cannabinoid. CBG has medicinal properties similar to those of CBD but with certain variations, and for a few years it has been used to treat different ailments and diseases.
  • Hemp varieties with high CBN: Until now, not many certified industrial hemp varieties have appeared that generate high amounts of CBN, but we know that some producers are investigating this and increasing the levels of this cannabinoid through certain processes.

What is the highest CBD hemp variety?

If you are looking for a hemp variety that produces good CBD flowers, Kompolti is perfect for this mission, since its buds are very similar to those of many psychoactive marijuana varieties, and in many cases it can produce more than 3% cannabidiol. It is also a very grateful, resistant variety, and with a very simple cultivation since it requires less attention and care than other certified seeds.

Buy certified hemp seeds for the production of flowers rich in CBD and other cannabinoids at the best price

Now that you know which are the best varieties of hemp for the production of flowers, you only have to choose the ones that best adapt to the specific climate of the region where you are going to grow them, and if you have any questions about it, you can consult us without any commitment.

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