Varieties of hemp for fibers and Hurd

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The best varieties of certified industrial hemp for the production of fibers and HURD are those that generate the most stems in the shortest time possible, those that grow the fastest, those that grow more, or those that make the stems richer in fiber with respect to the woody parts, since they are the most profitable in this sense. In this category you can buy certified seeds of the most interesting industrial hemp varieties for fiber production and HURD.

Best hemp varieties for the production of fibers and HURD

  • Fibror 79
  • Santhica 70
  • Futura 75
  • Tiborszallasi
  • Kompolti

What is hemp fiber?

These are the fibers that are extracted from the inside of the stems of cannabis plants, and have been used since time immemorial for multiple uses due to their hardness, ability to insulate, durability and overall quality compared to other plant fibers. It has the ability to offer the softness of silk coupled with the strength of the ropes used on ships' anchors, and the best thing is that you can get a lot of it in a very short time because hemp plants grow faster and more a way more massive than the rest of the plants of nature.

Far fewer resources are needed to make hemp fibers than to obtain the same amount of plant fibers, since hemp plants require less water and nutrients, and no pesticides are needed to grow them. On the other hand, hemp can absorb greater amounts of carbon dioxide than other plants, it proliferates in almost all climates on the planet, and it only takes about 120 days from sowing to harvest.

Hemp fiber properties

  • It is the strongest natural fiber
  • 95% UV protection
  • biodegradable
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Very resistant to mold
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • More resistant and durable than other vegetable fibers

Hemp fiber uses

  • Hemp fiber for clothing: We believe that it was the first use given to this natural fiber, since prehistoric remains have been found to prove it. Clothing made with hemp fiber is for life, it is soft, insulates against heat and cold, and does not lose its shape with use and washing.
  • Hemp fiber for ropes: Ropes made from hemp have allowed us to evolve as a species, and after clothing it may be the most widespread use in history. Until the advent of modern synthetic fibers, hemp ropes were the strongest and most durable, and are still used today in many countries.
  • Hemp fiber for construction: It is one of the uses of hemp fibers that currently has the most sales, because it is used to make bricks, insulation panels for walls, to seal pipes as Teflon does, and it is even used to produce a kind of cement that the Anglo-Saxons call "hempcrete".
  • Paper made from hemp fiber: Thanks to its low lignin content, paper made from hemp fibers needs fewer chemicals to extract its pulp than when wood is used for this purpose, leaving an even more resistant paper.
  • Hemp fiber for HURD: It is extracted from the woody core of hemp stems, and is used as filler and glue among other uses. It can come in the form of a powder or a kind of pellets that can be mixed with resin to form building blocks, insulating panels and many other materials.

Buy specific hemp seeds for the production of fibers and HURD at the best price at Pevgrow

You have already seen which are the best certified hemp varieties to produce fibers and HURD, as well as their most widespread uses. I recommend you take a look at the description of these varieties so that you can choose the most recommended to grow in your climate, in this way you will get the best results.

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