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Align Sipcam

Align Sipcam

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Sipcam Jardín
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Now you can find in the Grow Shop Piensa En Verde, Align, a natural insecticide of plant origin.

This medicine plants, is extracted from the plant neem (Azadirachta indica), known for its high effectiveness against many families of insects, either as a repellent, interfering molting, interrupting the supply or inhibiting the eggs of females.

It acts by contact and ingestion and is respectful of other insects beneficial insects and pollinators.

Its effect is against larvae and pupae, with a very wide range:

Align, is one of the best biological insecticides that exist, yet, it is most effective in early stages of the pest, therefore we recommend in the early detection of pests, by our knowledge of its behavior in previous campaigns, have been particularly virulent in our culture conditions.

Pest and Disease fighting Align:

(Whitefly, aphids, mealybug, spider mites, leafminers, procesionaria, mites, psylla, trips, etc.)
- NO FRUIT TREES AND SHRUBS: whitefly, aphids, leaf miner larva, caterpillars, processionary, mealybugs,
mites, Orthoptera.
- CITRUS: leaf miner, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, barreneta, fruit fly, Orthoptera.
- OAKS: Lagarta, Orthoptera.
- Strawberry plants: caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, Orthoptera.
- STONE FRUITS AND POME: Caterpillars, psylla, leaf miner, green mosquito, spider mites, erinosis pear, scale insects, fruit flies, aphids, Orthoptera.
- CANNABIS PLANTS: caterpillars, whiteflies, aphids, mites, cochineal, fruit fly, banana weevil, Orthoptera.
- MUSHROOM GROWN (Mushroom): Fly mushroom.
- HORTICULTURAL: leaf miner, whiteflies, caterpillars noctuid caterpillars fruit, thrips, carrot fly, cutworms, moth, Lepidoptera (larvae), criocero asparagus, aphids, eriophyids.
- BEANS FOR GRAIN: leaf miner, whiteflies, Orthoptera.
- MINT: leaf miner, whiteflies, aphids, Orthoptera.
- MORA-FRAMBUESOARÁNDANO: caterpillars, aphids, Orthoptera.
- ORNAMENTALES HERBACEOUS: Aphids, green mosquito, whiteflies, scale insects, caterpillars, mites, Orthoptera.
- PASTURES AND Fallows: Moroccan Locust, típula meadows, Orthoptera.
- PINES: processionary, Orthoptera.
- VID: Moths cluster spiral vine, green mosquito, eriosis vine, ortópteros

Data sheet and characteristics

Type of composition Type of composition
  • Organic
Type of plague Type of plague
  • Aphids
  • Cochineal
  • Mining fly
  • Mosquito
  • Red spider
  • Trips
  • White fly
  • Worms
Brands Brands
  • Sipcam Jardín

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