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rating Nº valoraciones: 50 Valoración media: 9/10


The winner of the I HighLife Cup in Barcelona is one of those varieties of marijuana which engages its funs by its characteristics: fruity flavor, simple, fast cultivation and great production.
Good, nice and cheap, that’s the case of the seeds of Critical+ by Dinafem Seeds. Someone could say that this is fulfilled to perfection.

Why is that?

Because it is a variety that is grown easily and quickly, in addition to giving very good results and have a very pleasant taste. But, if you like, let's go a little deeper.

In Spain this strain is one of the most loved varieties in our country, which is not surprising considering what we have just mentioned. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops, whether in soil, coconut or hydroponic crops.

As a result of the crossing between Big Bud and Skunk, if grow indoor this strain will be a plant that does not get so high and therefore, is much easier to handle. Outdoor, however, it could be rather a higher plant, which grows very quickly. In both cases, the results are abundant, being easy to grow, it is good for those people who are starting in the world of self-cultivation.

Its taste is sweet. Some people say it's a bit cloying, but it all depends on everyone's taste.

In any case, what they do coincide is in its effects: it is relaxing, becoming drowsy for some people, so the best thing is that you smoke it before going to sleep, or sometimes when you know you won't have to leave home, just relax and don’t feel tired.

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Bank: Dinafem Seeds.
Flowering period: 65-75 days
Harvest outdoors: Until 5th October
THC: High (12%-16%)
CBD: Medium
Production: Very High
Height outdoors: Can reach 3 m
Phenotype: Indica-Sativa (50%-50%)
Genotype: BigBud x Skunk

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Customer reviews

jeansebastien r. el día 30/05/2018
i would give it a 9 the potency was spectacular it was very resinous with a very pleasant smell the taste was citric with tones to Lemon in the culture i found it well resistant to plagues use the method of lying it down and to tie its branches the coconuts do not grow all giant but if uniform as for matter seca gave me 90 granite of a very good mary I used the biobiz fertilizers that would be the tripac for outside the top Corp enrraisante and the one that iso the big difference to my taste was the saw heven of biobiz to combat some that other plague uses diatomaceous earth in conjunction with potassium soap.

juan s. el día 30/05/2018
My experience with this seed is very good, I cultivated it indoors with 1 sodium 250w spotlight and I got hard and tight buds and the branches very similar to the main tip I was delighted with. I recommend it is one of the best that I have tasted and got high from the moment I sowed it until the cut was 3 months just giving it 1 month of growth.

carlos m. el día 26/05/2018
Indoors with my brother-in-law and a friend, we did it with two 400w bulbs taking out 638 grams of dry peat from a greenhouse without nutrients that my brother-in-law took out and we gave them nitrogen for 15 days and then gave them a week of nitrogen and potassium bloom after 12/12 we gave them a week of nitrogen and potassium bloom until they were 20 days away and we gave them two times saw bloom with supervitz and two weeks of osmosis water.

Adriana Ira M. el día 25/05/2018
I cultivated it indoors with a focus of 400 w the result was good with pots of 5 liters I put 9 removing that the fly entered me and the cogoyos did not remain the tightened thing that I wanted to take out in total by plant an average of 30 gr each plant.the fly did me enough damage.but in spite of that great flavor and high... I'll certainly put it back on and hopefully this time he'll have better luck.

Enrique M. el día 22/05/2018
Although I have cultivated some more of the list, I have marked the Critical + of Dinafem because it is the one I liked the most. I cultivated it on the ground, in guerrilla and it gave me about three hundred grams, which is very good for a place with little sunshine and watering a week. Another thing I like about it is that it is harvested quite early, around mid-September, which is ideal for guerrilla farming, as normally the autumn rains have not yet started and the buds are not wet and the mushroom growers do not walk in the fields. Of its taste and effect, what can I tell you, is a variety well known to growers!

Maria Jose R. el día 16/05/2018
My experience with critical always very good, outdoors as well as indoors, outdoors, cuttings from May onwards with production of about 100g per dry cuttings, a wonder, and creamy flavour! Indoor focus of 400 and cuttings directly to flower, mantle of tips in three months :) Greetings, good smoke and good luck. PEACE, LOVE AND SEMIS!!

Olga S. el día 13/05/2018
An indoor indoor crop. I put 18 pots with 400 bulbs in them. I was very satisfied with my crop. Thank you!

Juan G. el día 11/05/2018
Indoor, HPS 400w, 7 litre pots, soil, 100x100x200 wardrobe, 9 plants in total. What I like most about this variety is the high production, it is a plant from which you will always get a lot of harvest (like the critical jack or critical 2.0) and does not require great care, I threw BioGrow BIOBIZZZ and in flowering the BioBloom and I got very good results both in quantity and quality, very large buds and very hard, full of resin. I also tried the Red Poison auto (I won it in a draw that made sweet seeds) this one was planted outdoors and went quite well, they all came out with very red flowers (I didn't expect them to be so red) although the effect was a little loose for my taste.

francisco c. el día 10/05/2018
Grow 2 potted plants outdoors with light mix soil, various humus and guano in 3 flowering plants in 1/2 liter concrete. ..4 liters and 18 liters. For fertilizer use bacchumus vegetaciòn and flowering. Hessi roaster, pk 13/14. Bloombastic and cannaflush in root cleaning. Also in growth use propolis, Neem, cinnamon, horsetail. Good genetics and great vigour. Good crossing, strong and productive. Stable effect. In production I didn't manage to get the expected yield (124gr) I think the pH was not the ideal one but the results have been satisfactory, taking into account my inexperience. Plenty of resin and very good taste.

laura a. el día 04/05/2018
always cultivate outside, in pots and earth, both methods, with apical and tied pruning (for height control), madrocket pots of 10 liters and more, also geotextiles. in the case of the critical + in pot of 15 liters, of the genetics that I tried was the best to my taste, well resinous and rich aroma and flavor. in pot of 15 liters I got to take 2 jars of jam. 50-60 gr dry

Javier H. el día 20/04/2018
I grow them outdoors To begin with, during the period of time that is not planted, all the peelings and remains of fruits and vegetables are placed in the orchard. Then I prepare the soil well before planting, I work the soil with the mulilla 2 months before planting then I put sheep shit on top and leave it like this until planting day arrives, when that day comes I add compost and plough it again, once tilled I make a long and wide bed (4m x 2m approx), I set up the drip and put my little ones and enjoy watching them grow and when the flowering comes I use an organic fertilizer and enjoy it. In this way I obtain very good and abundant results.

Alberto P. el día 15/04/2018
my experience was very good quality and productivity some good buds and effects was my best plant and made of less then pass to the car of African dinafen if I remember badly and also very good.

Paco M. el día 14/04/2018
the critical mass of dinafen is undoubtedly a good plant, easy to cultivate, it resists well the overfertilization since it eats a lot, I recommend it so much for beginners as expert growers, very good production and magnificent flavor, it is a little soft for my taste, I cultivated it in pot of 100l (in light exterior) and I took it in flowerpot of 100g of bud (in green) it likes very much the fertilizer of flowering with high pk. a greeting

Ezequiel C. el día 07/04/2018
It is a very normal plant with good buds and does not reach too high for the plant the environment does not affect it too much is very coarse and sharp in its genetics and endures very well the climate. It gets very good with little you do I highly recommend it to fill the yard or to start if you don't understand too much of the fertilizers to put in and so on.

Jesús A. el día 05/04/2018
Grow two of these critical + indoors with an 11-liter pot and a 250-watt flowering cfl bulb. To do this I used the scrog method and pruned fim 3 weeks before moving to flora. The plant fills all the gaps without any problem. Especially in the first 2 weeks of switching to photo period 12/12 where he stuck a quick and last stretch. The production was quite decent despite the fact that I don't have much experience yet (it's the first time I've grown non-autoflowering plants and had problems with food shortages). I took a total of 60 - 75 grams dry between two plants from an excellent quality herb full of trichomes. At the time of the cut, I waited for the trichomes to become amber as I wanted to have a more narcotic effect. Now I can say I have a special herb for a weekend night on my couch with a good movie. is not soporific, so it is also good for going out on the street and being in a permanent balloon of happiness (It is quite powerful). I'll definitely plant it again.

Antonio P. el día 05/04/2018
I grew two seeds and both were very uniform in growth. Large, compact buds and a fairly high, long-lasting high

José Antomio P. el día 05/04/2018
hello to all, my cultivation I did it in several occasions, indoors and outdoors, in this last one I have cultivated so much in pots of 18 liters, as in soil of my orchard... and of the two forms it went well to me, taking out in each flowerpot with about 2 months of growth ( since I planted them in the middle of June and at the end of August they already presented enough flowers), obtaining an average of 120 grs by plant, and those of ground exceeded the 200 grs. the quality was not at all good because where I live it is too hot and I had to cover them at least in the hours that the sun is strongest, I advise that if you live in the south of spain the shade protectors...those of interior are the best option at least for me, because it is where you get all its sweet and characteristic flavor...very advisable...a greeting and good smoke.....

Daniele B. el día 05/04/2018
Very good plant easy cultivation appreciated endures all and good productive of flavor and potency

Alexander L. el día 05/04/2018
It was incredible the plants grew very healthy and robust with some impressive buds. The cultivation was simple because the climate in which I grew them was optimal for their development. Besides, with the pruning we were able to make several cuttings and they all came out as healthy as the mothers. Thank you for your attention and advice greetings from bizkaia

Alberto L. el día 05/04/2018
my experience with critical + was very good and very curious, they gave me a seed and I didn't think of the great idea that I planted it without germinating by adding tobacco ash fertilizer and they told me that I had already loaded it so we didn't bet on it and a week later I had my little girl 15 cm tall with a beautiful smell that flooded the whole building of neighbors but in the end I died from an unexpected storm and now I am seedless. You're great and I watch all your videos.

Nil A. el día 05/04/2018
Outdoor cultivation from April to September in a 150L pot with all the organic fertilizers. It is a variety that has pulled very well since small when it was a month and a half old when it was growing, the lower stem stands out a lot and thanks to that I gained production and then it also helped me that this variety has very fine leaflets and allows the perfect penetration of the sun.

luis angel m. el día 05/04/2018
Grown outdoors, nothing to say about this plant, with a unique aroma and flavor, quite powerful high. Maybe i expected a higher production, but considering the quality of the grass, i couldn't ask for more.

andres j. el día 05/04/2018
The best of the plants I have been able to plant by far, I love this variety for its ease of birth, growth and flowering. It is the plant that I have seen ripen in less time and of enormous size, and also has a huge potential and taste no less small, great variety, really good.

julio g. el día 05/04/2018
In indoor cultivation. 4 pots of 9 liters. SOG system. Sodium spotlight 600 W. I don't remember exactly the production I had, what I do remember is that they were very resinous and with many buds. I also remember the strong fruity smell and the "sofa" buzz it produced.

Branco P. el día 03/04/2018
The plant is beautiful and it works well! The mistake was to use a substrate that wasn't the right one and that reduced the harvest a lot, but in general it's a very good strain! Another mistake was to use too big a pot and I don't gain a lot of root space, but I'm happy! I recommend it for any inexperienced grower as it does not require much care.

griselain W. el día 01/04/2018
I grew indoors the first two months, then alternating, 14 hours outside and 10 hours completely without light, was the first plant I grew, without any experience, I began to learn about the crop on the Internet, my little plant took more than 10 months to flower, my experience very enriching, we grow for medicinal purposes, because at home we have a 3 year old girl with refractory epilepsy and the intake of cannabis oil his quality of life improved and almost no longer convulsions. It is a wonderful plant, and we want to learn more, many thanks to you for existing and helping us with many blessings.

david D. el día 26/03/2018
This crop came out with only a fairly good potted plant... After several failed attempts with cloth flowerpots... It was outdoors and the truth is that the situation was perfect for it to grow a little over 1.5m. What x my little experiences I didn't get the performance I wanted but if I took two shoeboxes full of buds... Very delicious x true x and that flavor with touches of wood drives me crazy...

Jose Manuel B. el día 25/03/2018
was outdoors and ise it and occupied 1 flowerpot

Salvador M. el día 19/03/2018
Hello very good, the classic seeds are my favorite and this critical+ of Dinafem is one of my weaknesses.... It is very generous in production and a flavor and aroma to the height of the best palates... I grew it on an organic farm... outdoors with biocanna fertilizers and the results were excellent!! from my pleasant experience I will always have it between my first choices.

juan manuel c. el día 18/03/2018
It was an outdoor crop, inside a greenhouse in three 15L black cloth flowerpots, using the LST technique, to increase the amount of light received by the plant when redirecting it and I was able to get a production of 30-40 grams per plant (dry). I also tested it in a 1 square meter closet with 9 normal 7L flowerpots and a 600w bulb and I managed to get 20-25 teas per plant dry but shortening the flowering in a few days.

Miguel Angel R. el día 09/03/2018
the critical + of dinafem was cultivated indoors the method to use was lst lst the pot that used various up to 10 liters use a focus of clf of 105 watts for vegetative and light of the sun for its respective flowering the production that I octuve was of about 50gr cured to the end

Antonio Jose S. el día 07/03/2018
It was an indoor crop with some cuttings that was passed on to me by a colleague of a mother who was to be a pump, dense, super productive resinous buds and with a rather rich citrus scent at the end, the production was pretty good, hence my score. A hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't give you all 10 because there is always something that can be improved hahahahahahahahaha)

Patricia C. el día 06/03/2018
So my experience with the Critical was very good the truth, I put 12 pots of 11 liters in an interior closet of 1,20×1,20 with a mixed light of 600 W. (CoolTube) . In a few days, 100% of the seeds germinated. The Critical came out strong and quite high, with large buds and very showy. The production was very good (although I did not weigh it I can clearly see that compared to previous crops these are strong plants and a lot of production). The taste is intense but fruity.

iker C. el día 05/03/2018
The truth is that it was one of my favorite plants. It's not that there's anything special about it that sets it apart from the others or that makes it stand out too much, but it has a good growth and is quite grateful at the time of flowering and that made it perfect for my taste.

matias v. el día 03/03/2018
Pots of 40 liters of sodium 400w sodium focus I got a production of about 400g excellent plant I did not make any excellent growing method and the idea is to use a method for some of the productions I have for this year I did not use any product. Only a good substrate, patience and gentleness

Hugo G. el día 03/03/2018
One of the best plants in my life is Dinafem's Critical+, it grows wild, so it is grown every year in many gardens in at least every corner of Spain.... The last time I grew Critical+ was about a month ago in the inner closet, and I can say with certainty that of all the plants I have grown in my Critical+ life is without a doubt one of the best, if you plant it once, you will plant it again, and not only because of the special effect and taste it has, but because it is a genotype that is really worth cultivating, to see the rigor with which it grows, is priceless! Grow them with FIM size and do not use any method, scrog or sog. And yet, the whole surface of the closet literally looked like a blanket of marijuana leaves... As for the production, it was about 165gr, I used a 250w sodium bulb with mixed bulb, which I had already used for 4 crops so probably with a new bulb I would have taken more......

raul m. el día 28/02/2018
The cultivation of this plant was easy for me because it was always a healthy plant in a good light substrate and with worm humus it grew without problems. Later with bat guano in the flowering and buds as fists of an exquisite is a plant with a very rich flavor and a good effect the truth that I recommend it in all senses.

Alvarez Valeriano B. el día 26/02/2018
It was actually my first and only growing experience, I applied all the information necessary to give me good production, the smells and taste take me to another world is a unique experience, I learned a lot about growing and has motivated me to continue growing and improving!

carlos a. el día 24/02/2018
I personally plant outdoors and pot (terrace). Growing it is simple, it is not a fertilizer guzzler. It doesn't require much care, it's pretty tough. It can stand the heat very well. The smell in bloom is very recognizable, and of the production I cannot complain ( in flowerpot is difficult large quantities)? But when it gives its full potential in terms of ball, taste and smell (which is delicious), it is after 5-7 months of curing. In short, it is perfect even in a pot

spyder W. el día 23/02/2018
For me Critical + is one of the best varieties to grow, I do it indoors and the truth is that it is a very grateful plant and if you treat it well she will treat you well giving you a good amount of very aromatic and resinous buds and above all a very nice taste and high, I recommend it.

Juan Jose C. el día 27/01/2018
I cultivated them in a 1x1 meter closet with a dual 400w lamp I cultivated 5 plants with feminized seeds, I wanted to make an organic culture 100x100.7l pots. The substrate I use is prepared by me with a professional canna substrate base plus 20% worm humus plus 25g bat guano per pot plus 1/2l allow more than 1/2l vermiculite and when I started blooming Bloon C from topcandy átamy topcandy from top crop and the cleaner atazyme the results I think are perfect in quantity and quality.

Santiago Z. el día 22/01/2018
My experience with critical was not very satisfactory.... I tube it indoors with a sodium 400 in a 20-liter pot. I let it grow with two or three pruned leaves and it gave me a good, rich amount of flowers. Fat and strong cogllos with the help of namaste and its products for cultivation. I think I took out 350 grams I don't remember very well the amount because it was several years ago.

Manuel Alejandro R. el día 15/01/2018
Very good indoors with 1000 whats organic I stay from 22.77 % Thc very nice experience and very rich medicine manufactured Thanks to the manufacturers of these seeds I would like to be able to try more now I want hydroponics in 50 liters per plant

edgardo b. el día 14/01/2018
I have done Outdoor Cultivation, where I have selected a large space with a great arrival of sunlight. At first it was slow in development, but as time went by and fertilizers from the Top Crop pack were used, the growth gradually increased, reaching a production of around 100Gr/p. The dinafem seeds have given me an excellent result with low cost and dedication.

mikel p. el día 13/01/2018
Hello very good, my experience with the critical+ of the dinafem seed bank was like this: I stayed one afternoon with a colleague and we went to the grow of our town, after thinking about it for a while we decided on the was not very big a meter more or less.

Joaquin R. el día 13/01/2018
My experience with this seed was very good, actually I cultivated the + 2.0 of Dinafem, it was outdoors and I sprout some very fragrant and resinous buds, I loved this variety, I would choose it again without a doubt.

Aurora A. el día 09/01/2018
Very good vines, I first cultivated them outdoors and the truth is that they became tremendously large, very strong robust and I took them out in a pack of 3 + 1, 1 k 460g is not bad at all to be the first time that I risk not knowing anything about these plants to hallucinate and from that day on I do not lack in my gardens as much as the inside as the outside and hostage I say impressive result smell ,smell ,taste, expñosion celebral and of course some beautiful buds and completely full of resin. I recommend that you grow it either self-feminized or from cuttings

Ruben A. el día 09/01/2018
The experience was very gratifying, everything was as indicated by the information of the Bank dinafem... A huge seasonal plant in an 80 litre pot, with a production of 1kg with good quality buds very tight resinous and exceptional taste.

Joaquin Z. el día 09/01/2018
I grew this genetics outdoors and fortunately it was very productive despite being a predominant indica plant. I took in dry about 650 grs aprox of some dense, solid and very resinous buds. We tried to make a cultivation as organic as possible, that's why we prepared the wells about 3 months before which we were throwing all kinds of vegetables and fruits that a friend of ours provided us. We always respect transplants until they are definitely grounded. Once on the ground we started to apply the SOG technique to make the most of the space it had been designed for and so that they would not be as tall plants. I can still wear them out before I go to bed watching a show or something. They are more than just relaxing and rewarding.

Santi B. el día 06/01/2018
It was an outdoor crop with 100 litre pots. using 2 pots and storing each day indoors at night before avoid four- and two-legged rats.e had bad experiences..the truth is that it would be good for me to win the prize as I have never won anything and at this time it would be good to have peace of mind for a while. a greeting and you guys are my favorite grow especially for your good and positive attention! a greeting

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