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Terpenes Harmony - Pineapple Express
  • Terpenes Harmony - Pineapple Express

Harmony Terpenes

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Dear #PevGrowlover! I have the pleasure to introduce you the Harmony Terpene profiles, Quality at a crazy price! The Harmony terpenes are extracted from totally natural essential plant oils and stand out for not containing cannabinoids, being totally legal marketing.

Harmony terpenes reproduce the aroma and taste of a particular cannabis strain and there are different flavours to choose from so you can choose your favourite. With them you can dress your E-Liquids, resins or oils. You'll be amazed!

Quantity: 5 ml bottle

What Harmony Terpenes are available at PevGrow?

Amnesia Harmony Terpene

One of my favorites. Composed of the terpenes of the mythical Amnesia, it provides a citrus taste, sweet and with an earthy finish. Spectacular!
Dominant terpenes: Limonene.

Candy Jack Harmony Terpene

Delicious flavor that combines really tasty sweet and sour notes. The Candy Jack is a safe bet.
Dominant terpenes: Caryophyllene and Borneol.

Critical Jack Harmony Terpene

With this terpene you can enjoy the floral notes, seasoned with a touch of citrus and fresh lemon.
Dominant terpenes: Citronellol and Alpha/Pinene.

Gelato Harmony Terpene

Make way for the king! Enjoy the wonderful terpenes that have made Gelato one of the most beloved cannabis myths. Its taste is citric, earthy and with a very sweet bottom.
Dominant terpenes: Limonene and Camphene.

Lemon Haze Harmony Terpene

They say that when you try Lemon Haze you don't want to try any other variety of cannabis. It is now available in terpene format, free of all cannabinoids, with which to freely enjoy its citrus flavor, perfectly combining those sweet and sour notes.
Dominant terpenes: Limonene, Ocimene and Terpinolene.

New York Diesel Harmony Terpene

Yes, yes... I know, I've already added it to the shopping cart too! One of the best-selling Harmony Terpenes is that the New York Diesel is synonymous with delight for your taste buds, with its mentholated flavor and a very characteristic diesel background.
Dominant terpenes: Phellandrene.

OG Kush Harmony Terpene

Your E-Liquid will never be boring again thanks to the OG Kush Harmony Terpene, completely free of cannabinoids. Let yourself be amazed by its citrus touches, with certain Diesel nuances and some exceptional spicy touches.
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene and Beta-Caryophyllene.

Pineapple Express Harmony Terpene

Its taste is very tropical, sweet and citrus, a wonder that should be part of your terpene dispensary.
Dominant Terpenes: Alpha and Beta Pinene.

Sour Diesel Harmony Terpene

I am very fond of this particular terpene and it is one I use a lot. The taste of the Sour Diesel is impressive, it combines some Skunk notes, with some earthy, spicy and of course Diesel touches.
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene and Terpinolene.

UK Cheese Harmony terpene

Cheese lovers! Impossible to forget a variety like UK Cheese, a legend that you can now enjoy in terpene mode. Its taste of old cheese has won over thousands of smokers around the globe and promises to be one of the star terpenes.

Harmony Terpenes characteristics:

- 0% THC/CBD
- 0% PG/VG
- No alcohol or animal extracts
- Diacetyl free
- Food grade ingredients
- 100% legal consumption worldwide

How to use Harmony Terpenes:

Harmony terpenes are concentrated, so they should always be diluted or mixed before consumption.

To find out how to use Harmony terpenes just follow the following instructions:

- For E-liquids: Add 2 to 6 drops per 0.34 US liq oz (10 ml.) of E-liquid.

- For concentrates: Add 1 drop per 0.035-0.070 oz (1-2 grams) of resin.

- For flowers: To flavour the flowers, pour a few drops on a tissue and place it together with the flowers in an airtight bottle. Wait at least 24 hours to get the expected result.

- For aromatherapy: Add 4 to 5 drops per 13.5 US liq oz  (400 ml.) of water in aroma diffusers.

I know it's hard to choose between such a special and impressive terpenes offer, so... Why don't you try them all? They're already available at the best price at PevGrow!

Data sheet and characteristics

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