Benefits and uses of culture in rockwool

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Discovered following the explosion of a volcano in Hawaii in 1850, rock wool is a substrate which is already used routinely, along with coconut and arlita in marijuana cultivation, especially in hydroponics, with large results and benefits.

volcán Mauna Loa

volcán Mauna Loa

Nature can be extracted thousand and natural products that benefit human health and plants around us and marijuana cultivation case is no exception. Therefore, the use of the cleaner and natural products possible is always advisable for our plant to grow strong and healthy, although, occasionally, other than the use of other product needed.

However, we want to focus today on a natural mineral substrate that was discovered in Hawai in 1850, following the observation of a material strands consisted of rock created by the eruptions of Mauna Loa volcano. However, this material was first used for the manufacture of households in the area around the volcano and it was not until a century later would be released when the properties and benefits of this mineral for the hydroponic cultivation of plants and, today, it is also used for this culture system in the case of marijuana.


Of course, it is a material that has been modified to employ industrially in our crops. A modification made ​​as follows, as described from Hydroenv “is first extracted basalt rock and gets into furnaces at temperatures of 1500 ° C. Once it is in a liquid state (lava) it is passed hoops that rotate at high speed, allowing lava to be spun. Then the rock wool threads harden when cooled with hot air at 230 ° C; and subsequently bind the fibers are compressed. Finally cut and packed into the desired presentation. ”

As is the case with other natural substrates, it is necessary to stabilize the pH thereof for 24-48 hours, time in which we change the water in which we introduce our rockwool. The water should have a pH of 5.5 and changing water every day that passes is explained precisely by the fact of having to maintain the pH, so that the quality of our substrate is not damaged, its pH stabilized and thus not contaminate our plant with any substance that does not belong to this mineral.

Before proceeding to explain its uses and benefits in the cultivation of marijuana, it is interesting that this type of material is also used as antipyretic in buildings, as well as a firewall on fire and fruit crops, good results, whenever quality and use is made ​​properly.



Germinate seeds in rockwool

This is the first step that we all marijuana cultivation. When using rockwool, it is advisable to make between two damp paper towels and two plates, so that the seeds retain optimal moisture for proper development. The next step is the transfer of seeds, being careful not to break the root.


Culture benefits of marijuana in rockwool

As is the case with other materials with similar characteristics, such as Arlit, one of the main benefits of rockwool is that it allows retain moisture in the root of the plant and that it can breathe as it should, hence be a widely used product, considering that we can save much trouble.


In this regard and in order to calculate either the amount of water needed by our plant, it is best to use automatic irrigation systems, we always throw the same amount. Yes, we go watching our plant and varying amount or intensity, as our plant go through different phases of natural growth that is expected of it.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde


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