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Although the index of claims in PEVGrow is less than 1% of total orders, it's important to note the following information:


If the seeds have not germinated, we will change them for new ones. (Provided that the appropriate germination method has been used).


How is the seed exchange done?

Step 1. You must send us the ungerminated seeds in their original packaging.

The thing of "sending it with the original packaging" is not something that we impose for pleasure.

This requirement is imposed on us by the banks themselves as an essential condition for the replacement of seeds.


In the event that you do not have the seeds or you do not have the original packaging, we have an alternative, keep reading until the end.


Step 2. Write down on the inside of the envelope the order number of which the seeds were part.


Step 3. Send to the following address and take a photo of the proof of shipment (indispensable to reimburse you for the shipment:

C/ Vereda Más de Tous 22C 

46185 La Pobla de Vallbona 

Valencia - Spain


Step 4. Once shipped, send us the photo of the shipping receipt to customer service and we will refund the shipping cost in the form of a discount coupon for your next order.


Step 5. When we receive the seeds, we will notify you and send you the new ones.


What happens if I don't have the original packaging?

In this case we differentiate two cases.

If the ungerminated seeds are from Pev Seeds, no problem.

Being Pev Grow's seed bank, we can make an exception and receive the seeds without packaging.


The second case is that the seeds are not from Pev Seeds.

In that case we could not replace the seeds, but we can find an alternative so that you do not run out of seeds.

Get in touch with our customer service team from here.

Mushroom grow kits are very delicate products and sensitive to growing conditions, so if you don't follow the instructions, there is a possibility of contamination.

Mushroom grow kits will not be refunded unless the mushroom loaf arrives faulty from the shipment itself.

In any case, if there is any doubt about the mushroom bread guarantee, please contact customer service.

You have 100 days from receipt of the order to make a return.

Well above the 14 days that other companies usually offer. (Since it is the minimum established in Spain). 


Requirements and specifications:

- In case of return for reasons attributable to Pev Grow, the postage will be at our expense and the customer will have the possibility of requesting another similar item or full reimbursement in his account once the merchandise has been received.

- In case of return because the product does not meet the expectations of our client, the shipping and collection costs will be at your expense, this means that when we receive the item we will immediately deposit the amount in your bank account, discounting the collection and shipping costs. to our facilities in Valencia (Spain).

- Returns of any material after the 100 day period will not be accepted and must always be previously agreed with our customer service department (

- Returns of any material that is not in perfect condition, with its original packaging and properly closed will not be accepted.


If your questions have not been answered on this page, please contact us. (