A good diet is crucial if we want to get the best results, so it is essential to choose the best fertilizers and stimulators, and here they are.

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Anyone who lives totally or partially dedicated to growing marijuana should know how to use fertilizers correctly.

What fertilizers does marijuana need?

First of all, it’s necessary to clarify that currently it’s no longer necessary to go to physical stores to buy the items you need. It’s possible to obtain marijuana fertilizers online through our specialized growshop. It must also be said that the type of fertilizer used will depend on the evolutionary moment in which the plant is located. These phases would be:

- Growth phase (from day 21 from birth onwards): the product must contain a high content of nitrogen and little phosphorus and potassium. The result will be much stronger plants in less time. It is also very interesting to complement the treatment with a root stimulator, which you can buy in our online store.

- Flowering phase: It is necessary a higher content of phosphorus and potassium and less nitrogen. This phase change will be carried out when the pistils and their respective fruits begin to emerge in the female plants. At the end of the process, adding an element that promotes flowering or some enzyme complexes increases the size of the buds considerably. On the other hand, the finishers or sweeteners increase the levels of sugars, achieving an optimum level of quality in aroma and flavor.

Which ones are the best?

Mineral-type fertilizers improve production by lowering quality, while biological fertilizers produce the opposite effect. At the same time, there are different brands that, usually, have a higher level of quality at a higher price.

Within the first group we can highlight brands such as Cannazym or Brutal Buds, while for the second, Top Bloom or Top Candy have an excellent value for money relation.

As for growth stimulants, in our store you can find Super VitRhizotonic and Deeper Underground, which are the most used, and for the roots, Micro Vita is a good option in addition to the previous ones. Fertilizer products for autoflowering marijuana such as Mega Pk or Bud Candy are also very reliable choices. And Boost Acelerator Canna is, without a doubt, one of the best finishing products.

Another world apart are fertilizers for hydroponics. This type of crops where only water and wet elements are used are somewhat more complex to manage, but with surprisingly positive results since the earth factor and its lack of predictability are eliminated from the equation. A correct level of pH, good light and regular control of electrolyte levels will ensure success.

Which are the cheapest?

Within this sector there is a big price difference. Many physical stores and websites take advantage of the ignorance of the beginner cultivators and inflate prices, also selling non-essential products. Therefore, finding reliable websites that put a fair price like PevGrow and help the client properly is an essential step.

The range of products on our website is wide, so you can always find those that fit your pocket. Brands like Top crop or Biobiz are, without a doubt, excellent options.

Where to buy or where to get them?

For everything related to the cultivation and use of fertilizers in marijuana, PevGrow is the best specialized store in the sector. From cannabis seeds to products for self-cultivation, through electrical groups or stimulators of all kinds will easily and safely make you obtain your best havest.

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