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Is medical and recreational marijuana legal in the state of Maine?

Reading Time 5 minutes   Yes, right now both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in this northeastern US state. However, there are limits on purchase, possession, cultivation, and consumption, so you are interested in reading this article carefully, where we will reveal … Leer más

Recipes you would never think of making with marijuana

Reading Time 19 minutes     Biscuits, chocolates, ice cream or even including cannabis in the salad. These are some of the most typical recipes you can find on the Internet to make with marijuana, even on this blog. But today I want to … Leer más

Top 10 strains with the highest amount of THC on the market

Reading Time 5 minutes   Many times we are asked, which marijuana strain has the highest amount of THC? And it’s a question that changes answer very quickly, because new Genetics are released every year that usually break the previous record. In order not … Leer más

Growdiaries Manual

Reading Time 5 minutes   Growdiaries is one of the most important pages of the cannabis industry on the Internet. It is a website where users share monitoring of the marijuana plant crops they are doing at all times, providing a lot of data … Leer más

Top 10 varieties of cultivated marijuana easier

Reading Time 5 minutes   Every year there are thousands of people around the world who start growing marijuana plants for the self-sufficiency of their own medicine. These people need varieties that are resistant to stress, pests and fungi, that do not give feeding … Leer más

Marijuana seeds for sale on Amazon, a risky purchase

Reading Time 2 minutes   Can there be people interested in buying marijuana seeds on Amazon? Well, the answer is yes, although it seems strange, some people end up buying everything in the largest store in the world, and then what happens happens.   … Leer más

420 the secret code of cannabis lovers

Reading Time 4 minutes   You will have seen the number 420 many times in a context related to marijuana, in names of companies in the sector, forums, blogs, fairs, drinks, etc. You may wonder why their relationship was born, where it came from … Leer más

As it could not be otherwise, we decided to create this space to spread weekly relevant information about the plant that we are so passionate about. In this blog you will find guides to becoming a master grower, information on cannabis cultivars and products for growing, testimonials from people who use cannabis as medicine, recipes that will make you lick your fingers and enjoy cannabis in another way.

You will also find current articles that talk about the unstoppable legalization of marijuana in Spain, Europe and worldwide, in our marijuana blog you will know the current legal situation by countries.

If you are a beginner and want to know first-hand and without filters the best growing techniques you are lucky. Here, you will find tips and advices as well as a community ready to solve any doubt. Don't be afraid to ask or tell us about your experience, we will be happy to help you and learn from your contributions.

We've been growing marijuana for 20 years and we like to inform ourselves about the latest scientific advances, all this information in the form of simple advices we will share it with the community, as growing marijuana in indoor and outdoor spaces, when to grow marijuana in winter, how to save on the electric bill if you have an indoor crop, or advice you on how to get denser and more resinous buds... if you read the articles in our blog you won't make the same mistakes that we made before. you'll gain a lot of time and get to the point obtaining the best results.

Our video section about marijuana is the jewel of the crown... Our partner Javi gives us a funny and didactic vision of how to grow cannabis and not die trying. It's endearing to watch his videos about marijuana, it will become your daily habit very soon.

PS: If you're growing or smoking marijuana for the first time, take a look first and draw your own conclusions. All the information we publish is faithfully verified.