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Welcome to the Smartshop Pevgrow, your trusted online store for cannabis products and head shop. Here you will find a wide range of high-quality products, from aphrodisiacs to stimulants, through relaxants, nootropics and semi-hallucinogens, even accessories for their consumption. Our commitment is to offer you the best service, with fast, discreet shipments and at competitive prices.

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In our Smartshop, we offer you a safe and simple shopping experience. Browse our product catalog, select your favorites and receive them in the comfort of your home. We are proud to be your trusted smartshop in Spain. From pills, dry herbs, tablets, etc, at Pevgrow you will find everything you need to enjoy your moments of relaxation. In addition, in another category of our grow shop we have a wide range of CBD products, perfect for those looking for the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of other substances.

With years of experience in the sector, Pevgrow has established itself as the reference smartshop in Spain. Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed us to earn the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. Thanks to our wide variety of products and our first-class customer service, Pevgrow is considered the most important smartshop in Spain. Our goal is to continue improving to always offer you the best.

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We make shipments to all of Spain quickly and discreetly. In addition, we offer competitive shipping rates so you can enjoy your favorite products without worrying about shipping costs. At Pevgrow, we understand that speed and discretion are fundamental to our customers. That's why we strive to process and ship your orders in the shortest possible time, always guaranteeing maximum discretion.

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On our website, you can explore all our products easily and quickly. Each product has a detailed description and high-quality photographs so you can make your choice with total confidence. At Pevgrow, we believe that quality does not have to be expensive. That's why we offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. In addition, we have regular offers and promotions so you can save even more on your purchases, so take a leisurely stroll through this section, read the descriptions of the products that interest you most, and buy with the best quality/price ratio in the entire sector.


Stimulants are the spark of life, the world would spin more slowly if these substances did not exist to help us face our daily tasks with more courage and vitality. Sugar and caffeine are the most consumed stimulants in the West, not only are they accepted by society, their consumption is seen as a way to improve performance at work, something encouraged by the capitalist system we live in.

But the fact that they are the most consumed and accepted does not mean that they are the only stimulants available, not even the healthiest. On the contrary, there are a number of herbs and natural extracts that stimulate our central nervous system in a healthier way, so they are better for the body in the medium and long term, and in this category you will also find them at unbeatable prices.


Disconnecting from the frenetic pace of life we lead is crucial many times, but it is not always easy, stress or anxiety drives us into a nervous state that is hard to stop sometimes.

For such times, there are a number of natural products that help us to forget the problems of daily life, or at least they become more bearable. Sure you've heard of Chamomile or Valerian, but do you know what Marihuanilla or Kanna is? In this category you will find the best natural relaxants available nowadays, and also with the most competitive prices.


Herbal aphrodisiacs have been used since ancient times by many cultures. Viagra is now very popular, but long before this synthetic product appeared on the market, there were already certain herbs or herbal combinations that stimulate and enhance sexual appetite, many of them unknown to most people so far.

Here you will see only the herbal aphrodisiacs that have proven to be very effective over the years, such as Damiana or Maca, or trade names such as Moonwalk, Venuswave or Stiffx that are powerful herbal mixtures that increase erection in men or sexual desire and lubrication in women... Are you going to miss them?

Party Smart Pills

Party smart pills and happy caps are a group of capsules containing different formulations based on plants and plant extracts, to improve your mood in different situations. Among them you can find stimulants, relaxants, psychedelics or energizers, with commercial names like Trip-e, Space-e or Euphor-e among others.

Are you going out to party and want to stay up all night dancing? Do you have to study but are tired and can't concentrate? Do you want to relax and forget all the problems and tensions of daily life? Then forget about illegal drugs and try these natural formulas.


Kratom has been gaining popularity during the last years all over the world as an alternative for different products such as opiates, stimulants, food supplements and even as a substance for recreational use. Here you can find different varieties of Kratom such as red, white or green vein, from different origins such as Thailand, Sumatra, Bali or Borneo, and in different formats such as powder, resin or extract.

Kratom has been gaining popularity during the last years all over the world as an alternative for different products such as opiates, stimulants, food supplements and even as a substance for recreational use. Here you can find different varieties of Kratom such as red, white or green vein, from different origins such as Thailand, Sumatra, Bali or Borneo, and in different formats such as powder, resin or extract.

What is Kratom?

It is a species of tropical plant that grows in Southeast Asia, although more than a plant is a tree, as it can reach 15 meters high and more than 4 meters wide. Its real name is Mitragyna Speciosa, it belongs to the family of the rubiaceae and its leaves contain more than 40 alkaloids, where the Mitraginine and 7-hydroxymitraginine stand out, the most powerful discovered nowadays.

What are the effects of Kratom?

It should be clarified that the effects change according to the variety, the dose and the person. The amount of active ingredients varies, making some varieties more stimulating and others more relaxing. Within each of these types of Kratom the effects change depending on the amount taken, something that must be taken into account.

Effects of low-dose Kratom:

  • Euphoria
  • Welfare
  • Empathy
  • Energy
  • Motivation

Effects of high-dose Kratom:

  • Relaxation
  • Pleasure
  • Calmness
  • Sedation
  • Analgesia
  • Peace

Side effects of Kratom:

  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Sweat
  • Itchy
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Addiction

What is the ideal dose of Kratom?

Well, that depends on the effects you want to achieve because, as we have seen before, it is very important to control the amount consumed in order to obtain the desired benefits. Other factors such as a person's weight or tolerance of the substance also play a role. So roughly speaking we can say that a low dose would be 1 to 2 grams, an average dose would be 2 to 5 grams and a high dose would be more than 5 grams.

How do you use Kratom?

There are several methods of use, but the most common is ingested, either mixed with food or drunk as an infusion. Its taste is not very pleasant, although there are people who tolerate it well and there are even people who like it. The natives used to chew the leaves and extract their juice, but now most people prefer to take a capsule with the contents so as not to keep the substance in their mouths for too long. Here you have different options to choose the one that suits you best, and you know that the right thing to do is to start little by little until you find your perfect dose.


Kanna is an African plant that can be considered ancestral, as it is believed to have been consumed by indigenous tribes for hundreds of years. It is suspected to be related to cactus or carmine, and its real name is Sceletium Tortuosum, although it is also called Channa or Kougoed and, although its calming, narcotic, sedative and pacifying powers were discovered over 300 years ago by the Khoikhoi (Hottentots) ethnic group, it has not been until relatively short time that its use has spread to other regions of the world.

Thanks to Internet, since more than a decade ago Kanna can be found in some online smartshops, and not only as root or fermented leaf powder as they originally took it, powerful extracts have also been formulated that multiply its effects, and in this category you will find all the available ones right now, although let me first tell you a little more about its effects, dosage and usage forms.

What is the active principle of Kanna?

So far, several alkaloids with psychoactive powers have been found, Mesembrine, Tortuisamine, Mesembrenone and Mesembrol being the most important ones, but they represent only 1.5% of the total Kanna alkaloids, so it is believed that they must contain others that have not been discovered yet.

How do you use Kanna?

The Khoikhoi and other South African tribes like the Bushmen had different ways of taking Kanna, chewed, snorted or smoked. Nowadays there are many other ways of using it, capsules, snuff (rapé), honey, all kinds of extracts, etc.

The dosage depends on the format, as the extracts are concentrates that contain much more active ingredients, so they have to be taken in smaller quantities to experience the same effects.

What are the effects of Kanna?

In ancient times it was used to induce visions and this way solve different problems, predict the future or cure diseases. It was also used in a playful way, to lift the spirits and disinhibit, but Kanna has many other proven properties as:

  • Stimulant
  • Sedative
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Relaxant
  • Motivator
  • Anxiolytic

Nowadays, medical applications of this plant are still being studied, since it is presumed that it can have a great medicinal value to treat different ailments and diseases.

It is important not to mix Kanna with other drugs, especially with IMAOS and serotonin releasers, as it can cause serotoninergic syndrome, which can have devastating effects on our health. The best option is not to use anything but kanna, whether it is in an infusion, powder, honey or extract, but without anything else.

Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus is a plant originating in the Nile region only, which is why it almost disappeared. Luckily, years ago its cultivation began to spread, first to Africa, then to the Middle East and later to the rest of the world.

The ancient Egyptians consumed the petals and leaves of this plant to achieve effects of all kinds, especially aphrodisiacs and stimulants, but they also obtained a minimum degree of psychoactivity that caused them to have slight visions. In this section you have at your disposal different formats of Blue Lotus.

How do you use Blue Lotus?

There are many ways, leaves and plant debris can be drunk as an infusion, smoked or vaporized. The resin can be taken directly, although it can also be used to enrich a wine or mixed with tobacco or other herbs for smoking or vaporizing. The extract is more designed to add a portion to the tea and drink it as an infusion or also macerated in wine for a day. And the tincture is a powerful concentrate, so you only need to add 6 to 10 drops to any drink to feel its effects.

What kind of effects does Blue Lotus produce?

It has both medicinal and mildly psychoactive effects. It causes relaxation and at the same time it raises your spirit, with a certain euphoria, well-being and special motivation. It can be similar to cannabis in some ways, especially on a physical level since cannabis produces greater brain stimulation. There are people who compare the effects of Blue Lotus with those of a mild opiate, although they are not exactly the same, the feeling of peace, calm and joy is similar.

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