In this category you will find the growing cabinet that you are looking for, we have all the measures, for 1, 2 or 4 lights, made by different brands and with the best prices.

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What is a tent for growing weed?

A marijuana grow cabinet is a space designated for the indoor cultivation of cannabis. There are many types of these enclosures, from large grow tents where several lighting fixtures are installed, cutting cabinets ideal for the propagation of clones, LED grow tents equipped with powerful LED lighting systems, and even magic mushroom tents specially designed for the cultivation of magic mushroom . Depending on your personal needs, you will have to choose between the cabinet model, the dimensions, and the specific brand, and for that, you need to be clear about what you want to harvest, the space you have available, and the budget you want to spend, and based on that choose the best one.

And it is that... clandestinity has been creating new needs in the cannagrowers...

These easy-to-install and transport-friendly growing spaces also offer a number of other technical advantages, such as the ability to control and obtain the ideal climate for the development of cannabis plants, pest inflow control and the control unwanted odours.

Types of tent for growing weed

Today we have a wide range of cultivation cabinets, which can be differentiated by size, sophistication and price.

The most basic and economic ones are made up of lightweight frames, with reflective tarpaulins, adjustable extraction inlets and non-functional ventilation grilles, not including anti-odour filters, extractors, ventilation or lighting grow kits, all of them are accessories that you can choose for yourself, having a wide catalogue for each of them, with different qualities and prices.

The installation of the growing space is up to you... but you know you can ask us anything you want!

We always advise you to have cabinets that are easy to assemble (although nowadays almost all of them are), light in weight, and above all that they can be assembled with each other, so that you can connect and expand cultivation spaces.

Major brands such as Cultibox already have models on the market that allow assembly with other cabinets. They are a very versatile range of cabinets.

Other brands highly appreciated by you for indoor growing are Secret Jardin (Dark Room) and Homebox Classic; Products that cover all your needs, with a multitude of air outlet options, flexible doors so that you can access the plants from various angles, and the smallest details to help you carry out a perfect cannacrop for your cannabis seeds.

Characteristics of the Growing Marijuana tents

We have created this comparative table where you can see the main technical features of the cabinets that you will find in the PEV Grow catalogue.

You should consider fundamentally the space you have available, and also the maximum amount of space you are going to need. In that case we advise you to acquire an assembly model, with walls equipped with Velcro for the adhesion of more cabinets.

If we focus on the best value for money we offer you a comparison of the cabinets as follows:

Model Permits Add Cabinet Side Opened Maximum Size (cm) Minimum Size (cm)
Dark Room II No One side 300 x 300 x 200 60 x 60 x 160
Mammoth Intense No One side 600 x 300 x 240 240 x 240 x 215
Cultibox Light No One side 120 x 120 x 200 60 x 60 x 140
Dark Street II No One side 150 x 150 x 200 60 x 60 x 140

Basic recommendations for indoor crops in cabinets


Feminized photo-dependent marijuana plants need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the growth phase. If they are autoflowering strains (non-photo-dependent), the plants grow and bloom at 20 hours of light per day.

For the flowering phase, non-photo-dependent feminized strains need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of absolute darkness.

If you decide to incorporate high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) you should be careful to place it at the right distance from the plants. The correct distance is between 60 and 40 cm, depending on whether it is a 600 W or 400 W spotlight. Place your hand on the apical tip of the plant to check the heat of the spotlight. If you don't burn, neither does the plant.

Climate control

We recommend that the extraction always be switched on while the spotlights are lit. In darkness, the extraction should be turned on every 15 minutes. And we do not recommend turning off the fan.

The temperature of the crop should be between 18 and 24ºC. It should never exceed 28ºC, nor lower than 15ºC.

To control the humidity and temperature of your crop you will need a digital thermohygrometer. The ideal humidity in the growth phase is over 60%, allowing foliar pulverizations that raise the indoor humidity, to enhance the development of the vegetal mass. On the contrary, in flowering stage, the humidity should not exceed 50%. In flowering the buds should be fattened dry.

What is the maximum number of plants you can grow in the cabinet?

Well, it depends.

The important thing is that you cover all the cropping space to get the maximum yield.

If you intend to develop the newly germinated seedlings or the newly rooted cuttings indoors and then take them out into an outdoor garden, we advise you to cover the entire space with 3 litre pots.

A plant, a flowerpot...simply, no more. 

If you are going to take your plants to the end of the cycle in the cabinet, we advise you to use the following cabinet sizes to cover the space completely with vegetable mass.

These data are indicative, since the height of a sativa strain will not be the same as that of an indica strains. There may also be differences between certain autoflowering and feminized strains.


For a 60 x 60 x 120 cm cabinet: we advise you to crop 5 plants in 5.5 litre (18x18 cm) pots.

For a 100 x 100 x 200 cm cabinet: we advise you to crop 14 plants in 7 litre (20x20 cm) pots.

For a 240 x 120 x 200 cm cabinet: we advise you to crop 25 plants in 11 litre (23x23 cm) pots.

Assembling a standard culture cabinet is very easy

Just take out the bars and corners that make up the structure, the canvas, and tidy it all up on the floor, or on another surface.

First of all, we put together the cabinet structure. To do this, we join bars and corners forming a square to form a base, then form the sides of the cabinet, and finally, the square of the upper part to obtain the complete structure.

Once we have the structural frame, we'll put the tarp on.

The part of the tarpaulin where the holes of the ventilation and extraction inlets/outlets are located shall be placed at the top of our structure.

The order of fixing the tarp is similar to that used during the assembly of the structure, i. e. the tarp is first fitted at the bottom, then at the sides, and finally at the top.

As you can see it is very simple!.... I'm sure you even have fun assembling it!!

Do not hesitate to call us if you get stuck with something, our technical team will attend you and solve your doubts in the best way possible!

Have you already chosen your growing cabinet?

Cultibox, the best home for your indoor cannabis

Now available in PEV Grow, the wide range of Cultibox indoor growing cabinets, all in one place, where you can compare the goodness of each and every one of them and choose the one that best suits your growing space. You can choose the right variety to make a successful crop

The cheapest model in our catalogue is the Cultibox Light, which fulfils its mission very well. I recommend you spend a little more and invest in a higher quality one, but if you're just starting it's a great option, if you don't want your budget to increase.

One of the most famous and requested is the SG-Combi, a cabinet of a very good quality, thick and reflective fabric and reliable and resistant zippers. But its best feature, which differentiates it from other cabinets, is that 3 of its 4 walls can be attached and detached with velcro, so you can combine it with more SG-Combi cabinets and enlarge the space as much as you want. It also has quality steel bars that support the weight of the growing equipment.

With Cultibox, you will be able to choose from a wide range of products, of very good quality and at very reasonable prices, already in PevGrow!

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin, is the leading brand in the manufacture of cabinets for your indoor cannabis cultivation. Founded in 2006 in Belgium, it is characterized by manufacturing the most technologically advanced growing cupboards on the market, being for example the first to use Mylar with a Martelé surface finish that offers 95% more reflective power.

In order to satisfy the demand of all its customers, Secret Jardin divides its catalogue into different product ranges: Hobby, Expert, Professional or Propagation range.

Each and every one of the products offered by Secret Jardin in its catalogue are manufactured and designed by its team of experts, lovers of indoor crops and with many hours of cultivation behind them, they know what they are doing.

Types of cabinets for indoor cultivation of Secret Jardin:

In PevGrow, you can find the wide range of Secret Jardin cabinets, with different sizes ranging from mini cabinets of 40 x 40, to the impressive cabinets of 600 x 300. Also noteworthy are the combos, which are two independent cabinets, which have been designed for crops with simultaneous growth and flowering.

Within their catalogue of indoor growing cabinets, we have decided to recommend those that are our favourites for us: Secret Jardin's Dark Room Grow Wardrobe, lined with Mylar fabric and Martelé effect, reflects 95% of the light improving the results of your indoor cultivation notably.

You also have options such as the Secret Jardin DR90, the Secret Jardin DP90 wardrobe, Secret Jardin Lodge, Secret Jardin dr120 or more models that you can discover in PevGrow.

You can complement the purchase of your wardrobe with specialized products such as the Secret Jardin TLed to improve the quality of lighting or the Secret Jardin monkey fan to improve the airflow of your crop.


Secret Jardin has thought of everything, and its wide range of products allows you to choose the wardrobe that best suits your needs. In addition, at PevGrow, you can find all the accessories that Secret Jardin has designed, so that your growing wardrobe is the perfect machine.

Don't hesitate any longer, if you're thinking of buying a cabinet for your indoor cannabis cultivation, Secret Jardin is your best option, they're simply unrivalled!

Grow Tent, the best cabinets for your indoor crop. Give your weed the best home in the world!

Grow Tent is synonymous with quality and success because, despite its youth, since it was founded in 2011, its indoor growing cabinets are considered the best in the market, because they have also committed to innovation and has revolutionized the market for growing cabinets.

Among the most outstanding innovations that have incorporated, has been the technology of height control, which confers a unique versatility that no other manufacturer had offered so far.

In addition, they contain technology that makes their walls undetectable, and one of their precepts is to provide strength and resistance, supporting more than enough the weight of all the components of the crop.

Discover Grow Tent's extensive catalogue of indoor growing cabinets, quality at the best price!

Grow Tent growing cabinet features:

Grow Tent culture cabinet stands out for its robustness, visible even in the corners that join the walls of the cabinet, very rough and consistent. Maybe the initial investment is higher than in other brands, but it's worth it.

The fabric of the cabinet is very thick, does not let any light escape, maximizing the capacity of the lighting system that will be used to the maximum, and you will obtain a more significant growth, which translates into harder crops. One of the aspects that I like most about this cabinet is its top-quality zippers. I have one since two years ago, and I have not broken anyone, unlike other cheaper cabinets that are often broken.

This cabinet is available in many sizes, sure you will find one that fits perfectly to your growing space. 

Choose the Grow Tent You Need Here

Large Grow Tents:

If you're looking for a large grow tent, Pevgrow offers a wide selection of large indoor grow tents, available in various brands and sizes. Notable brands include Spider Farmer, Dark Room, and Mammoth, known for their durability and quality, with reinforced corners, seams, and zippers. There are also more affordable options like Pure Tent and Cultibox, offering good durability and versatility at a lower price.

When choosing the size of the tent, it's important to consider the available space and the amount of cannabis you need to produce. For example, a 240 x 240 tent is ideal for meeting the consumption of several people, illuminated with 4 lighting kits, while a 240 x 120 tent may be sufficient for two people. The larger tents, such as the 300 x 300 x 200 cm ones, are perfect for associations and clubs of marijuana consumers.

The size of the tent also depends on the final size of the plants. For 4 small or medium-sized plants, a 100 x 100 cm tent might be suitable, but for larger plants, you might need a tent of 120 x 240 or 240 x 240. In addition to individual tents, Pevgrow also offers large tent grow kits, which can be more economical than buying the components separately.

LED Grow Tents:

Our online grow shop offers a great variety of LED grow tents, ideal for different needs and budgets, eliminating temperature and ventilation issues thanks to LED lighting. This is a very interesting investment because they offer a much longer lifespan than other types of lighting, and above all, they consume less electricity, which is important to consider given the rising cost of megawatt pricing.

Why Buy an LED Grow Tent?

  • LEDs do not generate excess heat, unlike HPS or LEC technology, eliminating the need for air conditioning and reducing concerns about temperature.
  • Less need for watering the plants.
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and electricity costs.
  • Ideal light spectrum for plants, resulting in bigger, denser, heavier buds with more resin and essential oils, improving the potency and flavor of the herb.

In our section, you'll find LED grow tents that fit your budget and cannabis self-consumption needs. We offer advice for the choice and implementation of these systems, and if you need additional tips, you can count on us for all the help we can provide.

Cloning Tents:

At Pevgrow, we also offer a wide selection of Cutting cabinets, ideal for marijuana growers looking to maximize the yield of their indoor crops. These tents are designed to provide optimal climate control, ensuring ideal conditions for the propagation of cuttings and the germination of seeds.

Characterized by transparent doors, ventilation systems, and a design that optimizes space, our propagator tents ensure a conducive environment for the healthy development of plants. The propagators maintain optimal temperature and humidity, with metal grid shelves that facilitate transpiration and air circulation. The quality of the canvases used retains the correct moisture and maintains an ideal temperature for the development of clones.

The tents offer precise temperature and humidity control, yield maximization, protection against external factors, space optimization, ease of use, and versatility. We also have mother and cutting tents with separate compartments, ideal for growing mother plants and obtaining high-quality clones. At Pevgrow, we guarantee quality and the most competitive price in the market for cloning tent propagators. Have you tried taking cuttings from your plants and failed to root them? It's possible that your problem is that you don't have a good propagation tent for cuttings.

Magic Mushroom Tents:

These tents, known as Mushroom Grow Tents, are specifically designed to create a controlled and optimal environment for the growth of mushrooms, with ventilation, lighting, and humidity control systems. Made with durable and easy-to-clean materials, their internal design maximizes space and allows for even distribution of light and air, with airtight doors that maintain stable environmental conditions.

Available in different models and sizes, these Mushroom Grow Tent are perfect for both beginners and experienced growers. Growing mushrooms in these tents offers total control over the environment, increases safety, and allows for year-round harvests discreetly and efficiently.

At Pevgrow, committed to offering the best market prices, you can find exclusive deals in our online store. With fast, secure shipping, and quality customer service, we are the ideal choice for your magic mushroom cultivation. Visit our selection of Mushroom Grow Tents and start your psychedelic adventure today.

Undoubtedly, when you make an investment of this type, you are looking for a product that is up to the task, and the Grow Tent growing cabinet is close enough. Very durable and with which you will surely get many high-level harvests. Buy at the best price in PEV Grow!

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