Bongs , will open the doors to the new world of hash vaping. With Bongs you can vape countless types of herbs without using paper , only by filtering the smoke through the water and last but not least you can choose from a wide range of Bongs products, from acrylic to glass .

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At Pevgrow, your trusted bong shop, we offer a wide range of bongs for marijuana. Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality products, at competitive prices and with the best customer service, and for this reason in our head shop section and smokeshop you will find the best bongs of today at the best market prices. Discover everything we have for your cannabinoid-hungry lungs!

Sale of bongs for marijuana

At Pevgrow we are dedicated to the sale of bongs for marijuana of the highest quality. We have a wide variety of models, from the most traditional to the most innovative, to satisfy all your needs and preferences. Our bongs are designed to provide you with the best smoking experience, maximizing the flavor and potency of your marijuana.

Are you looking for the perfect bong to enjoy your marijuana? At Pevgrow we have it. You just have to browse our catalog, choose the one you like the most and place your order. We will send it directly to your home, with total discretion and security. Also, if you have any questions or need advice, our team of experts will be happy to help you.

Pevgrow, your bong shop for over a decade

For over a decade, at Pevgrow we have been dedicated to offering the best products for cannabis lovers. Our experience and knowledge allow us to select the highest quality and performance bongs, so you can fully enjoy your marijuana. Trust us, we are your trusted bong shop.

At Pevgrow, we don't just sell bongs. We strive to be your favorite bong shop, offering you a complete service. From personalized advice to detailed information about each product, through an easy and secure purchase process. We want you to feel at home and find everything you need to fully enjoy your marijuana.

What is a bong?

A bong is a device used to smoke marijuana. It consists of a water chamber, which filters and cools the smoke, and a tube, through which it is inhaled. Bongs can be made of different materials, such as glass, ceramic or acrylic, and exist in a wide variety of designs and sizes. The bong is used to smoke marijuana in a smoother and more pleasant way.

The water in the bong filters the particles and toxins from the smoke, resulting in a purer and less irritating smoke for the lungs. In addition, the bong allows you to inhale a larger amount of smoke at once, which can intensify the effects of marijuana. Using a bong is very simple. First, you must fill the water chamber to an appropriate level. Then, place the marijuana in the bowl and light it. Inhale through the tube while the smoke is filtered through the water and accumulates in the chamber. Finally, remove the bowl and inhale the accumulated smoke.

Best marijuana bongs of 2023 (Gravity Bong, cup bong, bottle bong)

At Pevgrow, we have the best marijuana bongs of 2023. Among our favorites are the Gravity Bong, which uses gravity to generate a powerful jet of smoke; the cup bong, which combines the functionality of a bong with the convenience of a cup; and the bottle bong, which is lightweight, portable and very easy to use.

Gravity Bong: The most revolutionary bong of all those appeared in the last 20 years. It is a device similar to an hourglass, which takes advantage of the force of gravity to create impressive puffs of smoke. It is very useful as well as beautiful, so in addition to being practical for smoking your favorite marijuana, it also serves to decorate spaces thanks to its beautiful and practical design.

Cup Bong: Impressive design from the well-known brand Puffco, specialists in the creation of spectacular and functional bongs. In this case it looks like a cup or coffee glass, from which a mouthpiece comes out that looks like the straw you use to drink, but in this case it is to inhale the smoke of your favorite herb. I'm not telling you that you can go down the street smoking because it's not allowed, but it certainly disguises quite a bit.

Why buy a bong?

The answer is very simple, because in the long run you save on smoking materials , and above all because it is the fastest, cleanest and safest way to consume the smoke of burning cannabis. How much do you spend on paper, nozzles, blunts, etc? Well, all that you will start to save when you try a good bong, not to mention the time you waste rolling, or cleaning the area ...

This gadget improves the smoking experience for several reasons , first because they usually contain a water chamber that cools the smoke, and when it reaches our mouth, throat and lungs it is not so hot. They also have tubes, which in many cases are long to help lower the temperature of the smoke, a percolator to filter better, or several chambers or compartments that have the same purpose.

What should be considered before choosing a bong?

The first thing you have to be clear about is the use that you are going to give it , because a bong for yerba is not the same as one for concentrates , nor would I recommend the same model if you are going to use it at home or outside.

Another thing you have to think about is practicality , both when consuming and cleaning the bong , which are not all the same in this regard. If you have experience with these gadgets you already know what I'm talking about, but if not, stop for a minute to think about this.

One factor that you surely take into account is the budget , because there are bongs of many different prices , and depending on what you can spend you can choose many different models.

How much is a Bong worth?

There are many different prices, because there are also many different qualities , so that depends on what you want to spend. The material is one of the factors that intervenes the most in the final price, as well as the manufacturing process, because there are very cheap plastic or acrylics, and there are also authentic borosilicate works of art blown by hand by glass artists.

It is possible that right now you are doubting about which is the best bong you can buy, so I am going to highlight several models of each category, and thus be able to decide for yourself which is the one that best suits you.

What are the best bongs for beginners?

I would tell you to opt for a model that is not very expensive to start with , more than anything because some are fragile, and when you have experience they are handled better, with less risk of damaging it, but when you are inexperienced it can be a problem.

There are very cheap bong models that fulfill their function and can be a good introduction to start in this world, some of them are even made with unbreakable materials, take note.

The best cheap bongs on the market

  • Portable silicone bong : This model is special for several reasons, it is unbreakable, portable, cheap, and very practical. It is a tube made of silicone that is folded for better transport, and has a bowl with a rigid stem that is inserted into the tube once it has been deployed.
  • 21 cm glass bong : In relation to quality / price you will not find anything similar to these, made of glass and with very good finishes. There are different models with different lengths.
  • Borosilicate bong for dabs : Among the cheap bong models, it should be noted this one, which is designed for full melt concentrates, or that leave very little residue. Sleek, easy-to-clean design.

Bong models for expert consumers

If you have been enjoying the benefits of this form of cannabis use for a long time , we have a series of models that can be better adjusted to your needs or demands.

  • Silicone and glass kettle bong: It is like 3 bongs in one, because the bowl can be exchanged depending on the product to be consumed, or herbal cannabis or concentrates. It is also very resistant and durable.
  • ICE Breaker D-Lux glass bong: A large capacity bong for smokers with a large lung capacity, or at least those who are very used to inhaling large puffs of smoke, a super bong.
  • Silicone and glass bong Trip : The perfect combination between glass and silicone, since it has parts of both materials. The bowl is interchangeable, so you can use it to consume yerba and dabs.

Percolator bong, the best for filtering smoke

The percolator is a piece made up of many small tubes , which is placed in the chamber inside the bong, to force the smoke to pass through its holes, as a diffuser , and in this way it remains much more filtered, clean and cooled than normal models. Don't think that all percolator bongs have to be expensive, there are very affordable models, and if you don't believe me, check out this one:

  • Rasta percolator bong: Ingenious glass bong with double percolator, especially to cool and filter the smoke to the maximum. Without a doubt, it is the cheapest bong with these characteristics that you will find.

If you do not mind spending a little more, there are authentic works of art of filtration, so if you are thinking of switching to this form of consumption, I recommend investing in a tool like this:

  • G-Lock 83 Bong : Made of top quality borosilicate, double percolator with 22 arms and 3 slots, very robust and with a large capacity, since it allows working with large volumes of water.

Oiler-type bongs, the best for consuming cannabis concentrates

Oilers are a very special type of bong for lovers of extractions , especially BHO, but also Rosin or Bubble Hash of complete fusion . They contain a borosilicate bowl that is heated with a blowtorch, and later with the help of a dabber the concentrate is brought to the heated area so that it evaporates little by little, while we breathe in the smoke that passes through the chamber and the ducts until reaching to the lungs of users.

There are many different types of Oilers on the market, with different shapes, materials, functionalities, and prices. Next I will recommend the ones that from our point of view have the best quality / price ratio:

  • Bong Oiler Secret Smoke : It is difficult to find a cheaper Oiler that comes close to the finishes of this model. You can choose between 3 different sizes that maintain the same weight.
  • Borosilicate BHO Oiler : Similar to the previous one, somewhat cheaper than the previous one, although if we had to choose we would stick with Secret Smoke. There are 2 different sizes, but both are very practical.
  • Bong Oiler pipe type : A portable model of bong to consume dabs, shaped like a glass pipe, and an ideal size to be able to store it even in a pocket. The only drawback is that it cools the smoke less than the previous ones.

Bubblers, the bongs for the most gourmet consumers

They are surely the most visually attractive type of bong , they are also the most complex to manufacture and difficult to clean and maintain, but they are undoubtedly the ones preferred by many consumers of cannabis concentrates .

Many bubblers are produced with a single piece of glass, which is more difficult, but in many cases it ends in unique pieces of art. As with other bong models , there are bubblers for all tastes, and above all at many different prices, among which we highlight the following:

  • Bong Bubbler G-Lock 17 : Very practical, resistant, functional and with a very reasonable price. If you are thinking of switching to this way of consuming extractions, this model is ideal.
  • Bubbler G-Lock 67 : Similar to the previous model, but larger and more versatile, since in addition to concentrates you can consume yerba. Its filtering system is one of the most efficient on the market.
  • Bubbler G-Lock 72 type bong : The big brother of this category, the bong that every great consumer of cannabis extractions should have at home. With its large capacity chamber and its cleaning system you will smoke like never before.

Other types of original bong

There are some models that are unconventional but are very popular with smokers for one reason or another. Some are designed directly for parties or gatherings with friends, and others imitate all kinds of gadgets, here are the ones that we found most interesting:

  • Gas Mask Bong : The number 1 seller in this category, a classic among the most advanced stoners, and the perfect gift for the friend you are thinking of. With this bong you don't lose any smoke. Are you ready?
  • 2-bowl acrylic bong : Double load of marijuana for the most trained lungs. You can consume both charges at the same time, or reactivate the smoke when the first is being consumed, lighting the second.
  • Sax portable bong : Very useful and functional, resistant and economical. The saxophone shape makes it easy to grip, is covered in silicone to prevent breakage, and cleans in less than 2 minutes.

Buy the bong you are looking for at the best price online

At Pevgrow you will find the bong you need , as you may have seen, each model has its utility, with different materials, designs, functionalities and above all price. Take a tour of this category and choose the one you like the most, we will get it home in the shortest time and cost possible.


How do you clean a marijuana bong?
To clean a bong, first you must empty the water and disassemble the pieces. Then, you can use isopropyl alcohol and salt to remove the residues. Finally, rinse well with water and let dry.
Where to buy bongs?
You can buy bongs at Pevgrow, your trusted grow shop. We offer a wide variety of models, at good prices and with the best customer service.
Why do bongs need water?
Bongs need water to filter and cool the smoke, which makes inhalation smoother and more pleasant.
How much does a bong cost?
The price of a bong can vary depending on the material, design and brand. At Pevgrow, we offer high quality bongs at competitive prices.
What happens if I smoke a lot in a bong?
Smoking a lot in a bong can intensify the effects of marijuana, as it allows you to inhale a larger amount of smoke at once. However, it can also increase the risk of lung irritation and other health problems.
What type of bong is better?
The type of bong that is better depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer glass bongs for their purity and durability, while others prefer acrylic bongs for their lightness and portability. At Pevgrow, we offer a wide variety of bongs so you can choose the one you like the most.
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