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Your trustable Grow Shop puts at your disposal a selection of the best marijuana seeds: autoflowering, feminized, and regular. You will also find accessories for growing and also for harvesting and curing later the sacred plant. If you want to know everything about the cannabis world, medical marijuana news, recipes and interesting guides then I recommend you visit our blog.

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Our Grow Shop is located in La Pobla de Vallbona - Valencia, Spain, but this fact is not an impediment to selling in more than 50 countries. If you visit our online marijuana store you will see very cheap prices, you will easily find what you are looking for and, above all, you will see enjoying this experience. This is not the result of chance, Valencia has dozens of Grow Shops and probably is the city in the world where most cannabis seeds are produced. Read more

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And since our star product is seeds, you have more than 3000 different types of seeds organized in more than 150 marijuana seed banks. If you are looking to buy cheap bulk marijuana seeds, you are in the right place, a good example of this is Pev Bank, top quality at a reasonable price.

Also in Pev Grow you will find an outlet section and the option of cash on delivery without maximum amount. With cheap prices we make it more accessible our cannabis stuff to anyone who wants to consume cannabis letting grow by themselves, thus, not to have to go to the illegal market, with what this fact can entail. For medicinal users the problem is even greater, since buying weed on the street nobody can know exactly its traceability.

Especialistas en productos de cultivo y parafernalia

Our Grow Shop online is not only limited to seeds selling, but we also have products for marijuana growing as: Lighting kits, Growing tents, Led lamps, Fertilizers, Timers, Odor masks, Measuring instruments, Hydroponic and aeroponic culture systems, Insecticides, Fungicides and acaricides to control pests and fungi, Substrates to grow marijuana

And once you've harvested the plants, what are you going to do with the resulting buds?

I can think of a thousand ideas! We are sure you too and all them end at the Headshop section, a range of proposals to do with your weed once manicured. For example we can make tasks as resin extractions, for which we have the necessary stuff so that you can carry out. The same we tell you about to preserve or to take benefit from the CBD you extract from the buds.

Yes, we strive to have the best products in each of our different sections in the website, you can not imagine the illusion that makes us having our own CBD Shop section, composed of products such as marijuana oil capsules with cannabidiol, beer and wine made of hemp extracts... among others... a section will surely surprise you!

I will not mince my words here anymore... Do you want to order online? Do you prefer to do it by phone and not have to register?

We put at your disposal all kinds of facilities so that you can enjoy the world that we are so passionate about. One last thing to tell you, we offer free shipping in EEUU and free shipping from 100 euros in UK, and a gift sure. You are still thinking it?